Friday, June 11, 2010

An ode to yumminess.

I want to tell you a story. About one of the most amazing foods ever. I used to hate this food with a passion, but recently my eyes have been opened and the light has shined on me, and I can now proclaim!



It's true, I used to hate this. My mom would make it all the time in the summer, but me? EW. No thank you. Barf-o-rama, I'd rather eat dog poo,

At work, people would bring it to potluck luncheons. UGH. That looks disgusting! How dare you try to feed me that!!

... Isn't it awful, that all my assumptions were on looks alone. I had never ever tried potato salad!!!

Poor, potato salad. I'm sorry. I'm sorry I ever doubted your amazing tastiness. I was rude and closed minded to judge you.

I did discover how amazing you were, though. We had lunch at a little local place here a year or so ago, and potato salad was a choice for a side item with my lunch. Why I randomly chose it, I'll never know, but from that first bite forward I knew that I would never wrinkle my nose at you again. The large, succulent potato pieces mixed in with the flavorful mayo and egg, and just enough celery to give a crunch once in a while? Perfection! There is no better food that makes me think 'summertime'. (With the exception of grilled burgers & corn on the cob!) Fireworks erupted over my head, a choir of angels sang, and damn the caloric content, so I will only have one small scoop at a time, I promise.

We are going to lunch pretty soon at the place with the Best Potato Salad in the World, and I was SO excited that I had to write this post. That's how awesome it is! what food would you devote an entire blog post to?? Cheese would be a close second for me... mmm... cheese...

Have a great food-filled weekend y'all!!

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