Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A little break.

I really haven't had much of worth to say lately, and I'm scrambling to get ready for the small horde of folks that will be visiting us on Wednesday & Thursday for a long weekend, so I've decided I'm going to take a small blogging hiatus.

These little flags are tiny replicas of the teams playing in the World Cup... well, a small portion of them, anyway. I finished all 32 of them (FINALLY) so we can stick them in our three and a half dozen cupcakes we've special ordered for the occasion! We will have such tantalizing flavors as:

Pink Lemonade!
Orange Creamsicle!
Key Lime!
Cabana Coconut!
Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup!
And of course ... Bacon!

I've got towels to wash and bathrooms to scrub, and more handmade decorations to hang, oh... and soccer games to watch! I may do a little post as the week goes on but I think it's time for a smidge of a break. It comes at a good time I think, as I'm feeling a little burnt out for blogging 'material', I guess.

So have a great week!! I'll see ya in a bit. :) I'll come back with tons of pictures!

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