Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I made a post, but it went ... somewhere else.

So I spent my morning at the beach, and I actually wrote a blog post while I was there! And then I came home, and it wasn't posted! What the heck?? I really did write a post on my phone, I wasn't faking. I guess the internet had other plans for it.

I wonder where it went .............

ANYWAYS! I've gone three days without posting, ack! We had a fantastic weekend, full of sun and barbeques and new friends, and yesterday was filled with more more more job searching -- that position I interviewed for? Turns out an internal applicant applied for the job Friday afternoon, so she automatically got it, and all of us interviewees got the shaft. Now, I can certainly understand promoting from within, and even applaud it, but you really should stop letting people apply BEFORE you interview external applicants!

Anyways, I felt this morning I needed a relaxer, so I woke up early and jetted off to the beach. I've found this lovely little spot that isn't nearly as populated as other, easier accessible parts of the shore, so I set up camp there for the morning armed with my book and my chair and my shades and my 100 calorie Lorna Doone snack. It was fantastic! Just what I needed. There was a pair of little girls playing in the tide pools and rolling around like the cutest little beached whales ever, so that was fun to watch. And a seagull decided to take a nap near my chair! Am I that dull?? ;)

Here's a picture of my chair:


Yeah, I totally have a Finding Nemo towel. I'm not sure who the pink octopus is but he's sure cool!

My beach chair is pink too! I'm not going to tell you how much it cost. It's a great chair, though. The blue ones were on sale but I wanted the PINK one so I paid for the pink one. This was back when I had a full-time job and could fritter away funds on the coolest beach chair ever, by the way. Now I'd have to bring a milk crate with me or something!

But anyways, I really did write a post this morning. It was about the beach and things I saw at the beach, and how evil tidings seemed to be striking a lot of my friends in the blog-o-sphere lately, and that if I could wiggle my nose and go POOF! you would all be at the beach with me with your own oversized Disney towels, top-price chairs, and cool library book of your choice.

I wonder where that post went! Maybe to the bottom of the ocean?

Ooh, dubloons! Yarrrrr.

World Cup starts Friday. There's a concert from South Africa on Thursday at 2pm EST on ESPN that I'm looking forward to!! I've made my World Cup fantasy league and barring no more injuries from anyone, it should be awesome. Matt and I have a friendly wager of a dinner at the restaurant of our choosing for the winner... cross your fingers for me! My team's gonna go All! The! WAY!!!!

.... :) (I want that dinner.)

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