Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I have a lot of ideas.

Lately my brain has been bursting with ideas. THINGS! Things to do that sound exciting! But really? Are they really exciting?

I want to do a vlog for Monday Mingle. I have a love/hate relationship with vlogs because while once in a while they are cool, all the time I start to wonder whether I'm reading a blog or watching TV. No wait, I'm not, the World Cup is on that TV. (More on that later.) Should I do a vlog?? I have the capability, I think. But they're so weird. I'm torn, truly.

I want to redo my blog design. ON MY OWN. This may be the nuttiest thing in the world. I know diddly crap about CSS, but I know enough about blog design and basic HTML that I will likely be able to muddle myself through. I used to make awesome websites back in the day, and I'll be darned if I'm about to shell out 30 buckeroos for something I can gnaw on myself and eventually (possibly) do the right way. My own design is starting to overstay its welcome; those tiles are reminding me more and more of a chlorine city swimming pool eeeeevery day.

I want to go to a Buddhist retreat because I'm reading a book about one right now, and it sounds the bomb! But the closest one to this non-Buddhist beach town is about 8 hours away in the mountains, and it is a largely silent retreat. No talky. No makey friendy. No cellphoney also. Also expensivey. I think the no talky part is a great idea; just leave me be to my whirling dervish of non-thought and let me mosey through the gardens ....................................

Okay, non-thought over.

The World Cup is on RIGHT NOW and it's USA v. Algeria. For you non footie folk I'll just say the US -has- to win this game to advance further, and they've been presented with quite a number of opportunities to make a goal, but failed each time.

Matt is HEAVILY invested into this game. This situation can end in one of two ways.

1. Win

The skies erupt with sunshine and candy falls to the Earth! Giant macaroni and cheese platters for lunch, new wardrobes and shopping trips for everyone, and a basket of corgi puppies *somehow* finds its way to my doorstep, because the planets align and All Is Good.

2. Lose

The End. The ocean rises and consumes our house (and car for good measure). The cats contract Continuous Meowing Disease and never shut up, blowing out our eardrums. All we have to eat for the rest of our lives are those horrid Uncrustables, drinking Bud Light out of the miserable Vortex bottle; always enough beer to taste crappy, but NEVER enough to get you drunk, in this sad Sisyphean life.

Seriously, folks, it's life or death over here. And it is VERY tense. If I raise the white flag please send Pop Tarts or small cans of fruit to keep me going.

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