Sunday, June 13, 2010

Feelin' hot hot hot!

I have three major developments to tell you guys! I know, you're holding your breath in anticipation...

Thing the first!

The ringing in my ear is slowly but surely going away! Hurrah! It's still there a little but I really don't even notice it anymore. Take that, evil sinus system from my dad's side of the family!

Thing the second!

This thing is depressing. I returned a library book late and have ... A FINE. *dun dun duuuuunnn* I've never, ever, once in my life returned a library book late. I checked out three and thought they were all due on the 22nd. NO. One was due this past Wednesday.

My fine? Sixty cents. AUGH the humanity! I am embarrassed. I think I may wear a disguise when I go to pay my fine. A fake moustache.

Thing the third.

It's flippin' HOT here! We had on-off thunderstorms this morning, so today it's been in the mid 90's and humid as all get out. Feels like you're walking through a sponge! The heat I can take, but the humidity really does a number on me. Sometimes I even feel a little nauseous... blar! I'd really rather be blogging from the back porch, but I'm holed up inside with the air conditioning.

Staying inside also gave me a chance to start cleaning for our party this long weekend! Matt cleaned the granite countertops and our flat stovetop, and I took on the daunting task of scrubbing our hardwood floors clean. Not something I see myself doing often. Kind of a pain in the patoot. But it is sooooo sweet to see a nice, smooth floor with no little kitty pawprints on it!

Except the few over there that Finn left. ARGH!! Did you know cats sweat through their pawpads? (And their noses as well!) That's why you never see a sweaty cat! And that's why they leave prints on your clean floors.

And finally, I am really bad at posting awards... (I'm as forgetful as a ... huh? Who are you again??) but JessRaquel over at Mo Shiorghra was awesome enough to give me this one!!

I love sunshine! And sunflowers!! And all my bloggy friends. :) Thank you all for lighting up my Google Reader with your fabulousness!

Have you all been watching World Cup? .... Have you?? Aren't you happy that England didn't spank our bottoms 195-0? (We managed to tie England 1-1.) What's your favorite match been so far? Are you finding yourself attracted to the entire youthful German team?? (cough) Is the Netherlands (my team!) gonna kick butt tomorrow? Why is my Fantasy League team doing so poorly?????...

... Sorry. ;)

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