Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years: Better Than I Could Say It

I was just reading through the folks I follow on my Google Reader, and after reading the most recent post over at 1000 Awesome Things, I felt extremely compelled to make a post on my own blog with a link to it.

Everyone's had hardships this year, some more than others, but this post really just makes you realize that ... hey, it's ok!

This is a great post that makes me smile regardless of all the stressful, late-night-crying crap that's happened this year. :) Life is GOOD!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Years & Awards

Amanda over at Teasingly Diverse hath bestowed an awesome award upon me!! :)

The Happy 101 award!! WOOHOO!!!! :D :D It looks like the rules for this one are to list ten of the things that make you most happy! I was originally going to do photos for each one, but that might take up a lot of space, so without further adieu... the ten things that make me happy as of late... :

tea*sleeping*fondue*birds*my new camera!* yummy scented candles*the beach!*milkshakes*my pink fuzzy socks*and family guy reruns! (heehee)

Now to give this to a few awesome folks! The three bloggers I'd like to pass this one on to are:

smileyfreak*life love & wine*overwhelming fullness like carbonated joy

YAY! I like passing on awards! :)

Soooo regarding my little health issue, I have a doctor's appointment set for Tuesday. I had to call 3 OB/GYN offices to get an appointment; the first one couldn't see me until mid month, the second was closed until next year, and finally the third could get me in. :) Phew! I'm not nearly as nervous as I was; I'm pretty sure it's a cyst, so that makes me feel a lot better!

In the meantime, Mr. Cats' sister and her boyfriend are heading into town tomorrow to spend NYE with us here at the house! Fun!! I'm looking forward to that... lots of tasty food to be had this weekend! :d Mmmm, food.....

So this will probably be my last post until next year, so everyone have a great New Year's Eve and here's hoping 2010 brings you health, happiness, and lots of sunny days!! :D <3

Sunday, December 27, 2009

An update?! No way!

Happy Post-Holidays!

I know I'm not the only one that's been MIA lately... we've all been soooo busy! Crazy holidays! Ours was actually pretty low-key; Mr. Cats and I stayed home and opened our presents from both of our parents and each other, watched Christmas Story, and went out to an amazing sushi bar for Christmas dinner! Yummmm. :)

So overall, there is good news and bad news:

I finally got the Nikon D3000 that I've wanted!!! I started up a little photo blog here - - and am already loving my camera and having a ton of fun learning how to take great photos. :) Please feel free to follow!!

Maaaaybe TMI, but I found a lump in my right breast on Christmas Eve - not the best time to find something like that. While it's gotten smaller, it's surely still there, so I'm forseeing a doctor's appointment in my future. Yay for having no health insurance... ugh, more fees that I can't afford! But I can't afford not to get it looked at. Three years ago, right before we moved to NC, my doctor found a lump in my left breast that I had ultrasounded, but the ultrasound showed nothing. I'm hoping this one is equally nothing, or just a cyst or something, but just feeling it there makes my stomach go cold. :( Sigh. I'm VERY nervous. BUT, I'm doing my best to stay optimistic. :)

That's about all for now ... we're trying to figure out where we want to go to dinner for New Years Eve! We'll go eat somewhere and then come home to share a bottle of champagne while the ball drops on TV. :) Nothing better!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Photo Sat-... err... Friday!

I'm a day late and a dollar short with this, but this is still one of my favorite photos ever! Taken when the cats were kittens, and lovingly manipulated by me... enjoy! Tis the season!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Waiting ...

Don't you just hate waiting on someone for something, when they said they'll be right there, and 45 minutes later, uhhmmm so where are ya??

(Don't tell anyone, I'm actually talking about World of Warcraft; waiting for someone to get back so we can start something... yeah yeah, I play intarweb games!)

Definitely a pet peeve! I hate being late... I'm always early or on time. I feel so bad when I hold stuff up. Guilt guilt!

Anyways ... What are your pet peeves? Aside from waiting on people, I'd say mine are being interrupted when I'm talking, and bad parenting! You know the type, parents in a restaurant with kids, kids screaming bloody murder and flinging porkchops around like it's a rodeo, parents trying to pretend they're on a beach in Cozumel... yeah, not so much!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Baby, it's cold outside...

Thanks for all your input on my last post! I've been sort of in a "blog rut" as of late; I am blaming the cooler weather personally! Brr! No fun. Today it is 41 degrees but feels 32! AACCCKKK! Guess who's not going outside today?!.... Muahahahaha....

At any rate, I'm sitting here with a microwavable hot pack on the side of my face because I feel like a large man decked me in my jaw in the middle of the night! I have a horrible habit of grinding my teeth and tensing up my jaw when I sleep, so today I can barely open my mouth without any muscle pain. Sheesh! Eating my morning waffles was ... interesting.

And I can't BELIEVE Christmas is a measly two weeks away... aaaack?? Luckily I'm almost done with all of my shopping... it's budget Christmas! ;) One small yet meaningful thing for everyone on my list. That's okay. It's refreshing to push away the commercialism for once and get to the good stuff. A warm house, loved ones, and a cozy blanket in front of the TV with a warm snack? That's all I need. :)

Stay warm out there!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Oh hi!

Wow, I've been delightfully absent for a while now. Eek!

I've been doing a -lot- with the holidays here in full force, and I just can't get myself to sit down and think out a post. Isn't that lame?!

I've been thinking about this blog lately and what I want to do with it... I'm pretty sure that I will be getting this for Christmas:

And if that is true I see myself dropping this blog for a photography blog. I've got some really neat ideas in mind, one of them being a project of 52 weeks of creative self portraits (one a week) that I'd really like to hit the ground running on. :D I've already got some fab ideas, and have been perusing other like-blogs with the same idea! (It will have its own URL too, not hosted on blogspot.)

Would you follow a photography blog if I had one? Or should I stick with this?

I think my shots may just be more interesting than my current blog content... ;)