Thursday, June 24, 2010

My movie experience.

Happy Thursday! I awoke this morning to not one, but two moving trucks bumbling up and down our cul-de-sac. It's totally moving in day, and two of our new neighbors are making it so. The construction is mostly done around us, and I do want to tell you allll about our new (and not so new) neighbors around us, but I think I need to watch them discreetly out of my picture window first to get a better feel of them.

Today, I'm going to talk about the movies. Matt and I rarely go to the movies because right now it's about as expensive as going on a mini shopping spree (okay, maybe at Old Navy or TJ Maxx, but you get the drift), and then you have the other movie-goers that don't seem to mind spending 10 bones on a non-matinee ticket to be a dink during the show.

ANYWAYS, the USA had an amazing soccer win yesterday, so we decided to get a little dinner and go see this:

Knight and Day opened yesterday, and the commercials totally drew us in. Cameron Diaz can do no wrong and is absolutely adorable, and while Tom Cruise may be nuttier than a sack of cashews, he's still a phenomenal actor and yes, I will always find him seriously attractive. It's an action/comedy movie and was a LOT of fun.

What wasn't so fun was the trio of lobotomy patients that sat two seats to my left. Okay, maybe that was too harsh. Trio of forest dwellers raised by local buzzards. ... Okay, anyway. Seemed like a dad and his two teenage children. One of them (the younger boy) escaped my during-the-film stinkeye. The other two, however...

The girl sitting two seats to my left was likely no older than 18 and needed the jaws of life to disconnect herself from her cell phone. To her favor it was on silence, but there was a 45 minute span in which she received (and sent) text messages every two minutes. How do I know this? Because her phone lit up EVERY. TWO. MINUTES. As soon as it had shut off and I became engrossed in the movie again, I would see it light up like a lighthouse in a storm out of the corner of my eye, and here we go again.

If you can't stop texting Johnny Sexyface or Sally EveryGossip for two hours to enjoy an overpriced yet worthwhile film, then God help you. And hopefully he will, when I launch myself across the rows of seats to beat you repeatedly over the head with your phone so it will never, ever light up again.

The second offender was the father figure. Who found it necessary to have his car keys in his hand during the second half of the movie for some reason. And to jingle them softly at random intervals throughout the movie. Just soft enough to annoy the frak out of me. WHY do you have your keys in your hand during a movie? Are you trying to call Ol' Fido over? Are you planning a quick escape out the emergency exit?? No. NO. You do not do that. It's okay if you have a latent twitch for whatever reason, but do not hold noisy things in the movie theater. It will make people like me launch across the seats and ... yeah, you get it.

But honestly, compared to some movie experiences with bratty teenagers and kids under the age of double digits who don't seem to know how to keep their mouths closed for over 5 minutes at a time, it really wasn't that bad. We have more movie outings planned for this summer (because uhm, hello, Inception looks AMAZING!) so we can only hope that we're seated with other folks who are respectful enough to want to enjoy the movie.

That's all for today; back to watching my neighbors try to shove a sofa into their house through the garage door in heat indexed 105 degree heat. It's been a hot one all week here, y'all. My plans for relaxing and wandering through our botanical gardens to photograph trees and flowers and the butterfly house have been dashed this week, but you know? There's always soccer.

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