Monday, June 28, 2010

A morning beach event, complete with alien crabs and Jesus.

First off I want to thank everyone that commented on my last Saturday Centus post - I wasn't going to reply to every comment, but any type of criticism is more than welcome and I really enjoy writing! Honestly I really prefer writing darker, more eerie/supernatural stuff and I used to write a lot back in the day so mostly it just comes naturally. It almost makes me want to write a short story but then I'd have to have a solid plot and not just 100 words. ;)

At any rate, moving on...

I was going to do a vlog today! But this morning was my beloved Netherlands facing Slovakia, so I had to cheer my Oranje boys on. (We won! Quarterfinals baby!~) After that and lunch I sat down with my new book, fully intending to read one or two chapters, but I got *so* wrapped up in it that I accidentally read four or five before I realized that the afternoon was upon us. We had The Bug Man coming today to do his bi-yearly spraying (Something this ex-Northerner has never had to deal with.) and I highly doubt he'd want to see me wailing on the vuvuzela.

So there went that idea.

And then I was going to write a post about the US Men's National Team losing to Ghana and how awesome we did. But I KNOW it would just turn into a post about me being absolutely googoo over Landon Donovan ( Hummana, hummana, hummana (those hummanas are picture links btw) - most people are so not into the fivehead he's got going on but may I just say, meeeeeow! btw email me bb. ) so I erred on the side of caution there.

So I decided to write about our Sunday morning excursion.

If you follow me on Twitter (and if you don't -- why not? ;) you may have seen me post this pic early Sunday morning. Matt and I got up at 6:30 to get our junk together and head out for ... get ready for this awesomeness ... breakfast on the beach. We stopped at a local deli on the way and got the most amazing bagels ever, got to our little parking area at 7 am, and trundled out onto the empty beach to set up our chairs, eat our bagels, and enjoy the sunrise over the water. AAH! Freakin' amazing. This is fast becoming a Sunday morning ritual. I fed that nosy seagull up there a few pieces of my bagels while the waves crashed.

We stayed for two hours, and I discovered two amazing things on this trip.

1. CRABS. I don't know much about them, and I'd never seen a live one until this day. Sitting around in our chairs, for some reason I looked behind us... and saw a crab as long as my hand pop out of the sand. EEHHH?! Eyes wide, I couldn't take my eyes off it as it scurried around, hiding in the little sand gullies (from roving seagulls I imagine) before scuttling around some more. And then... I saw another... and another... at one point, at least 8 crabs behind us, scuttling and hiding, bobbing and weaving.

It was almost like being in a crab-related horror movie ... one girl's trip to the beach at sunrise ends fatefully ... she didn't know about the sand crabs ... waiting just beneath the surface to pop out in hordes, scuttling, clacking, pinching!.... THE CRABS, coming summer 2010. (Starring me and Landon. Wait, I, uhh.... ahem.)

I came home and learned that they were ghost crabs from this Wikipedia article. I always wondered why I would find fist-sized holes in the sand sometimes, going down at a 45 degree angle. Answer? Space alien crabs.

2. Apparently one of the churches on the beach holds a Sunday morning sermon at 8 am. Where? About 50 feet behind our chairs. Complete with a speaker system, acoustic guitaring, and about 40 church-goers with beach chairs dressed in their Sunday finest. We got to listen to the dulcet sounds of Amazing Grace while the entire congregation watched my wide load lumbering around in the sea like Jonah's beached whale. I think next time, we'll park one public access down the way...

Can't wait for next Sunday morning! But now, I'm going to write fan mail to a certain midfielder...

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