Thursday, June 10, 2010

My task today ... sigh.

So today I was going to take my picture for my 52. I've got a FANTASTIC idea that makes me go, bwahahaha! What is it? I'll give you a hint ...

Crepe paper!


What do you think it could be? Tell me! I'd love to hear your guesses. :)

But I can't do that today. Today, I've put my foot down. I NEED to clean out my dresser and my closet. Go through it, dig out the things I'm never going to wear again, and put them in a Goodwill box!

You know, the t-shirts or tank tops that are shoved to the very back of your drawers, the 'I may want to wear this someday, when the Tuesdays align and I lose 5 inches off my waist.' Uh-huh. Yeah.... The shirts I wore in college that looked so great, but now? .... We won't talk about that. The winter sweaters that fit once but now when you put them on, you somewhat begin to resemble a sausage in a brightly colored casing, your arms sticking straight out like Randy from a Christmas Story.

I had a few spare bucks scraped together yesterday so I went out to do a little shopping and bought a great new fun summer dress! I brought it home and ... uhh, no place to hang it! My hangers were being hoarded by shrunken winter sweaters. Sigh. That's how I knew...

A little belated spring wardrobe cleaning, I guess.

Hope your day is more fun!! :)

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