Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A new week!

I'm back! Aah. :) I had a nice little blog-cation. You may or may not have noticed (bahaha), but I tend to get burnt out on projects and things really, really easily. I have great ideas that make me excited and pumped up, and I'll dive into them headfirst and 110%, and then, two weeks later...

.... Booooring! Next!

Yep, I have hobby ADD. I'll admit it. And while it's not that strong with blogging, I still feel I need to take hiatuses (hiatii?) more often than most of you power-bloggers. I just get bored and feel like I have nothing new to contribute and I get twitchy and stuff. TWITCH! Need... space... ahem. Okay!

Anyways, we had a fantastic long weekend with our friends and family coming over to watch lots and lots of World Cup! It went from Wednesday to Sunday, and most times we had seven people here watching continuous soccer, and I'll admit by Saturday I got a little World Cupped out. I escaped to the library -- aaahhhhh -- and hung out there for a bit, perusing some books and reveling and the sound of silence and not-vuvuzelas (I won't hate, I have a vuvuzela app for my iTouch, and Matt's parents had an ACTUAL VUVUZELA sent to us and it is amazing) and not having to listen to the following exclamations from at least three people every time someone got close to a goal -

"ooh... OOH... EEEEE... AAGGHHH.... WHY DID YOU DO THAT.... AAUUGGHHH.... maybe an obscenity in here..."

But we had a fantastic time, and the only photos I got were of my decorations because once people got here I sort of forgot I had a camera, and my waistline surely gained like a million inches because we ate so many delightful lunches and dinners, but it's okay, we're doing daily cardio now. :)

I'm feeling kind of refreshed now too; before our long weekend I was getting ho-hum and feeling a little bored and monotonous -- unemployment will do that to you! -- but now I feel I've got a better outlook and am ready to go again! I'm going on a garden walk sometime this week (maybe even this afternoon) with my camera, I've signed up for an early morning bird walk next month, and I've been reading a lot of Buddhism books and novels that really make me happy and are getting me back to my roots.

Isn't this full moon flower vase amazing?

Okay, I need to be paying more attention to the TV now because my World Cup-obsessed boyfriend had to tear himself away from the TV to get a haircut and I'm charged with texting him any goals or cards gotten by anyone and I just nearly missed the French goal and my head very well may be on the line .... !! ;)

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