Thursday, July 15, 2010

Make me be creative! MAKE ME!

This week has been bonkers crazy. Like super wacko, what the crap, bonko boinko crazy. (You know it's bad when I start making up words.) I had a surprise random working interview with the position I'd interviewed for today, which pretty much means throw on your scrubs and let's see what you can do for 2 hours. YIKES.

So I'm behind on blogging and reading blogs and playing video games and drinking my chardonnay and definitely, my photography.

My photo project has suffered (again) and luckily I'm very lenient with myself. I'm picking up the camera tomorrow to go shoot some early morning stuff, so I figured in the interest of keeping myself shooting (and occupied, as my boyfriend is going on a 5 day business trip), I'm going to do a photo meme. And YOU'RE gonna help. (Only if you want to. No pressure. Honest!)

Leave a comment and tell me a part of my life -- or a few things -- you'd like to see. My favorite pair of shoes, the end of my street, what I eat for breakfast, anything. (Also kinda keep it at least PG-13. No butts.) I'll snap a photo of it and post them all in a future weekend-ey entry.

And now I'm off to catch up on your blogs! And fear not, I'm already remedying the chardonnay sitch. Aaahhh.... :)

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