Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I'm bringing you a gay bar!

The title has nothing to do with the blog contents.

I had to put it there because mere seconds ago, my boyfriend, who is going to a meeting in Portland Oregon in a few weeks, clapped his hands, pointed at me, and said ...

"I'm bringing you a gay bar!"

There is this supposed amazing donut shop in Portland called Voodoo Doughnut (It's been on the Food Network before) that he's going to check out. Their menu sports a bunch of freaky and fantastic doughnuts, one of them being the gay bar. I was supposed to tag along to Portland but then I lost my job and most of my cash so it's sorta a no-go and it's a little bummy. But apparently a gay bar is going to make the cross-continental trip for me! Woohoo! Awesome.

Anyway. Some GOOD THINGS!

I had a fantastic job interview today that I have all the experience in the world for. I'm really excited because it's pretty much the job I had in Maryland, only in North Carolina. Not to put all my unhatched chickens in the same basket, but I have a very good feeling about this.

Please do a voodoo dance for me, or some type of lucky incense waving ohm-chanting ceremony. Look, I'll start; Ooooohhhhmmm... I'm waving my arms in an S-formation... doing the cha-cha...

:) :) :)

My Dutch made it to the World Cup finals!! I am beside myself with delight and excitement. We will either face Spain or Germany; Germany is just frightening as a team this year, and I'll be surprised if Spain beats them today. We'll see...

My pulled pork turned out FABULOUSO. Here is my simple and extremely foolproof recipe:

You need the following.

- ONE PORK BUTT. 2 pounds should do but the smallest we could find was 5 pounds, so we hack-n-slashed it apart into two equal, smaller pork pieces. I have a small crockpot -- actually two small crockpots, long story, thanks mom! -- so I used them both.
- 12oz of root beer per crockpot; or enough to cover your pork.
- Your BBQ sauce of choice. Can't go wrong with Sweet Baby Rays IMO.
- Toasted burger buns, if you so desire.

Place your butt (heh heh) in the crock pot and pour the root beer over it. Cook for 7 hours until you can pull the pork apart with forks easily. Drain old porky butt root beer from the crock pot, replace freshly pulled pork and mix with BBQ sauce. Let sit in crock pot for another hour or two to absorb flavor. Toast your butt buns and VOILA, amazing taste sensation.

Seriously amazing and easy. I'm looking forward to trying this with all sorts of BBQ sauces! And the leftovers the next day? Best thing ever.

That's all I've got. There are lots of good things happening over here, and I'm hoping my gay bar makes it here in one piece. What doughnut would you want to try from Voodoo? There's a link up there somewhere... diabetic coma heaven!

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