Friday, July 9, 2010

A little too late.

I got a call from my library this morning letting me know that I book I had been in queue for had arrived! Hoorah! (I love my library.) I thought to myself -- I bet I could maybe go get that book and head to the beach for a nice read.


At 10 am on a Friday?


I got my things together and headed out to the library, checking out my book and taking some time to chat with our library duck, George.

(Yes, we have a library duck, he likes to hang out outside! His name is George and he is a Muscovy duck; this isn't him but he looks a lot like this. The first time I saw him he was sleeping and I thought he was a big Hefty bag someone had left behind. Sorry George!)

I got to the beach around 10:30... do you think I'd find a spot? Haaaaaaayyyyylll naw! (That's how we say it in the South.) All of my favorite lots, filled.


You may or may not know my stance on tourists. It usually involves the middle finger and a lot of honking. While I love that tourists flock here and spend their hard-earned money in our shops, restaurants, and other fine establishments so we can tough it out through the winter economy, I would really like to ... oh, I don't know ... see them less. Lately it seems like an even mix between families with anywhere between 4 and 56 children, and Jersey Shore wannabes. Thank you, Jersey Shore, for showing beachgoers they can wear whatever the heck they want and look awful and feel no shame about it. Eek!

At any rate, the moral of the story is, go early or go home. So I went home.


That's my story, and I'm stickin' to it!

I realized today that I have 99 followers. 99! That's a good amount for someone who does very little blog promotion and has serious SITS A.D.D. I'm not really big on promoting though. If you find me and like me, cool! But I'm not going to advertise every freakin' place with giveaways just so people show up over here and don't give a care about my wittiness when the giveaways end.

But maybe I will do a giveaway if/when I reach 100 followers. I don't know what I'd give away, though. I'm horrible at that. I rarely enter them because I'm a minimalist at heart and don't like a lot of stuff/clutter that I don't need.

Anyway, I hope you all have a lovely weather, traffic-free, all the parking you want weekend!! :) I'm going to a new organic produce stand so I'm HELLA excited (who says hella anymore?)... yeah, it doesn't take much to thrill me anymore!

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