Tuesday, July 20, 2010



Yee - to - the - FREAKIN' - HAW!!!!! So excited. SO excited. I go in for a little training on Thursday and possibly start next week. DSpsohdojfewpodl. <-- -That's how excited I am. I had to go pee in a cup today, and I was SO excited I drank a little too much water on the way and nearly tinkled all over the pee collectors waiting room.

But seriously.

Elated isn't the word.

This is the last piece of the puzzle. It's all in place now ... and for once in a long time? I have nothing to worry about. No creditors, no health scares, no legal people arriving at my door to be mean, no crazy health scares, no court dates, and no unstable employment. After a few years of hardship, everything's lined itself up perfectly.

My new motto? Never stop fighting. Because no matter how craptastic things may seem now, later? They can be amazing, if you try real hard.

I'm still working on my photo meme; I may post it later, if I can stop dancing around the kitchen like one of those fake Coke cans from the 80's that would bend from side to side when you played music near it. (Remember those? PS, my dancing is MUCH better than that.) So until then I will leave you with one more cute, adorable photo.

Hee hee...

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