Saturday, July 24, 2010

First Impression = Sea Hag

Here is a photo of myself and Finnegan to prove that I am still alive; I look distinctly like a manatee, but Finn looks pretty sweet!

Things have been busy; I went in for work orientation on Thursday for 3 hours, and I start on Monday! I work Monday and Tuesday from 7-2, off Wednesday, then various hours on Thursday and Friday. Once I get more integrated with my duties I'll have more steady hours, but I'm okay with starting off slowly. Especially since I'll have to get up early... REAL early. Hmm. I can't drink a lot of coffee because it has the potential to do bad juju things to my insides, so I'll have to find an alternate way to get myself awake. Cold shower maybe? UGH.

Yesterday we went to see Inception and it was a FANTASTIC amazing film that really really made me happy in a lot of ways, most notably its originality in a sea of comic book films, remakes, sequels, and vampire chutzpah. The plot was absolutely wonderful and I look forward to purchasing this on Blu-Ray when it comes out and rewatching it on our big TV.

And this morning we attacked the yard (and weeds) with vigor, Round-Up, and the mower. We chatted with our neighbors and our new neighbors that are moving in showed up also, so we met them, and it was only after I got inside that I noted my hair looked like it had been attacked like a flock of small angry birds. That were now nesting inside. Ugh.

I have to walk up and get the mail today but I'm waiting until the sun sets, because as it has been in most climates lately, it's hot as heck outside.

Luckily our AC has been unfaltering, or else I'd have to strap bags of frozen blueberries to the cats to keep them cool. .... I may do that anyways, just for fun. Heh heh. Hope you all are staying cool and out of the nuclear sun rays; it's been a HOT July everywhere!!

Will post photos this weekend! They're actually ON my laptop now so that's a big step!

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