Monday, July 12, 2010

But will they have vuvuzelas?

Spain won the World Cup.

I'm no longer allowed to watch serious end-game matches in which I have an invested interest in one of the teams playing, because my nerves pretty much turn into a bundle of rubber bands and I have to go outside after an hour for some 'nature time'. Which translates to doing a few upward dogs on the back deck.

Spain deserved it though; they really played with that 'Spain finesse' I'd been waiting to see the whole tournament, and you just couldn't help but cheer when they got their goal and Iker (their goalkeeper) sobbed for like 5 minutes into his big Stay-puf marshmallow-like keeper gloves. It was awesome.

And my team was #2 out of 32 teams, which is nothing to boohoo about! I had a great time watching everyone play.

We've decided our next long-term goal is to go to Brazil with some friends for the 2014 World Cup and watch a few games in Sao Paulo. Luckily we have 4 years to save money, book hotels, and learn Portugese; this morning I learned how to ask where the bathroom was, but I've already forgotten, so this may take more blood sweat and tears than originally expected. (And flash cards.)

I took 4 years of Spanish in highschool, so seeing 'gato' for cat and not 'puhkalebra' (made up not real Portugese word) or something made me feel a little better. I'll be able to participate in all conversations concerning cat and cow welfare, as well as eventually find the bathroom, and order french fries at any fine restaurant. I'm good to go!

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