Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wordy Wednesday (Saturday Centus!)

Who posts their Saturday Centus on a Wednesday?

That's right, me. I walk on the wild side!... No, actually I've been assembling furniture, ignoring the fact that my car smells like burnt toast when it starts (we've got that all ironed out though), and filling out job applications that are littered with questionnaires with such brain-benders as "Do you think stealing is bad?", and "How do you feel about interacting with people?" Hmm. Tough stuff, let me tell you. I am living the dream! ;)

Jenny Matlock

This prompt actually features my name! -- GASP, but Sami! Your name is Sara? You've been moonlighting all this time?? How dare you?! - yes, Sara is my name, but Sami is my nick-name, so there! ... Uhm, anyway, since this prompt had my name in it, I thought it would be fun to write this prompt as if it WERE actually me, and what I would do in this situation... so without further adieu...

The small Cessna 172 picked up speed as it roared down the runway, Sara at the controls, the flight instructor beside her.

Why had she signed up for this again?? As the plane rumbled louder down the runway, many frightening scenarios flashed through her head.

An engine sucking in a bird, and exploding in a firey ball.

Crash landing on a particularly pointy mountain range.

The plane just -stopping- midair, for no reason at all, and plummeting...


White-knuckled and wide eyed, she jolted the steering wheel while still on the ground, and taxied... right into a tree.

Phew, safe! Sara breathed a sigh of relief. The instructor, however, was not as pleased.

"You nut!! You're paying for this damage!"

Yup, I'm a weenie. :)

I'm making two posts today; this one, and Wordless Wednesday next, because I have some awesome photos I want to share!


cjschlottman said...

Cool take on this prompt! Wonder how Sara does behind the wheel of a car? I like this one a lot.

Cheryl said...

This had me laughing. I think this is the only post for this prompt that went with high humor. Bravo!

Jenny said...

Sami! You are so cool! This was funny and entertaining and visual and I think Sara has been parking by me at the grocery store. I've had a few extra nicks lately!

Thanks for participating. You are really a breath of fresh air....

Mister Jenny said...

Poor Sarah, she'll never get off the ground.

Viki said...

LOL, this was too funny. Great Saturday Centus.