Thursday, May 6, 2010

Talkabout Thursday!

Sorry this Talkabout Thursday is a little late! I forgot to set this to post overnight... oops, must have been all the Cinco de Mayo margaritas!! ;) (Or the massive sunburn I have on my back, ARGH!)

Anyway, without further adieu...

What is YOUR dream job?
(Emphasis on the word *dream*; as extravagant as you like!)

The idea for this question actually came to me yesterday; we were walking on the beach on a warm sunny morning yesterday, when I started to talk about how awesome it would be to own a bed and breakfast right on the beach. Last May we went to an amazing B&B in Savannah and I've been so hooked on the idea since then! There are so many huge, charming, beachy houses on the beach...

... Like this one!

(I didn't take this picture. But the house sure is cute!!)

Each guest room would be decorated in shabby-chic beach decor with comfy beds and fluffy pillows, ceiling fans, and wide open windows with a great view. And each room would have a fun beach-bird name, like the Sandpiper, or the Crane. I'd want no more than 4-6 rooms for a really cozy atmosphere. Local newspapers are complimentary, wi-fi is free, and concierge service? We'll happily hook you up with some of the best things to do on the shore.

We'd cook up a tasty, diverse, and fresh breakfast every morning so our vacationers could meet each other and chat over raspberry ricotta tarts and fresh fruit juices (mmmmm), and set out bottles of awesome local wines with complimentary local cheese platters in the evening for a relaxed rest on the balcony after a long day of sunbathing and sightseeing.

There would have to be a small garden at the very least, with pink rosebushes, azaleas, and of course, palm trees! A bubbling fountain and a swinging seat would be nice, but a hammock tucked off to one side would be even nicer for an afternoon siesta.

Every awesome B&B needs a friendly housepet to befriend & charm you during your stay. Our cats -- Finn the Scaredy Cat and Kerri the Spaz -- would not be allowed to apply for this position! A demure housecat and perhaps a small well-behaved dog would be chosen. They'd need to fit the beach attitude lifestyle -- relaxed, laid-back, friendly, and the ability to nap anywhere on the premises comfortably!

I don't have a name for my dream house yet, though. That's a work in progress!


Okay, now you know my secret dream is to be a B&B owner! Once I win my first million and get this started, you're all invited out for a complimentary evening on me. ;)

Okay, your turn! I'm totally done rambling now, I promise!

Tomorrow I have to remember to post my award! So stay tuned! And hang in there, it's almost the weekend!


Jessica said...

We've been wanting to go down to Savannah for awhile - email the place where you stayed.

I don't know if I have a dream job. I just know I want to use my brain.

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

My dream job would be to be a published author. I hope one day I can make that dream a reality!

April said...

So fun! I am not sure. I think my dream job is to not have to work. I am so lazy. But, i actually love my job-it's people-oriented. It doesn't pay much, but I am happy!

Luna said...

what a nice pic. makes me want to go there now and relax. my dream job would be to own my own dessert shop, mainly ice cream and cake desserts. i worked for an ice cream and chocolate shop a few years ago and i enjoyed the work so much that i have been wanting to do that ever since. that way i can also work when i want without working for someone else. thats whats really important to me, to not have to work anymore, especially for someone else.

Gnetch said...

My dream job would be a rockstar. I've always wanted to be one. It's like a big deal for me. I used to watch "How To Live Like A Rockstar" and I was like-- "Darn, I want that house! And that car! And that guitar!" or something.

Nicole said...

Coffee Shop Owner with cutesy polka dot decor, wifi, and a jukebox. I love the idea of a B&B I would totally stay at yours =D

Amanda said...

girl, I'm *so totally* taking you up on that free night when you open your B&B :) I've never been to the Atlantic Ocean!

My dream job? Assistant to the President. Think, any of the jobs on the West Wing.

Paige said...

Stopping by from SITS Saturday Sharefest. That would be an awesome dream job! I would love meeting all the people who stayed in my B&B. My dream job - owner of a major league baseball team! : )