Wednesday, May 26, 2010

LOST, and my rebound relationship.

As you may or may not know, I love LOST. It ended recently, as I'm sure you know, as the internet has been a virtual a-bomb with people who are upset with the ending. I mean, REALLY upset. Going as far as to write page after page rants including every single wibbly question they don't have an answer for. Some people are even going as far as to create a class-action lawsuit on Facebook suing the LOST creators for six years of "emotional damage and duress", among other ridiculous things.

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You can't be serious, right? Let me put down my coffee and I'll get you a nice tranquilizer.

I'm not going to write a bullet list of grievances or debate my side into the ground, but I loved the ending. I thought it was fitting for a show that had such amazing characters and storylines between them, that the ending should bring them all together again in such a beautiful way that yeah, I'll admit it... I totally cried no less than four times. Bawled into the blankets.

Here is one of my favorite quotes from my favorite forums that I would frequent while the show was going on...

It wasn't ever about being lost on an island; it was about being lost in life and finding your way through tribulations and the help with those you care about. Everything else, the mythologies, the scifi, that's all insignificant compared to the true moral of the story.

I thoroughly enjoyed the ride of this show; the mystery, the mythology, the tension and drama. It had me hooked from the start! And I think it's okay if we never find out where the polar bears come from, or where the electromagnetism came from, or the story behind the giant statue on the shore, or what the light was, or why the smoke monster sounds like an old gate opening up with it's clankity clanks and AWOOOO~... *takes a breath* :) You get my drift.

The show itself had so much imagination, amidst the same ol' cop dramas and legal dramas and hospital dramas, and reality show Bachelorette/Survivor/Dancing With (insert your favorite type of famous folk here) clones that it was SUCH a breath of fresh air. The imagination this show had was boundless, and that's why I think I enjoyed it the most. :)

And I can honestly see why some folks would be upset with it. But remember the moral of the story - 'let it go'. Don't create Facebook groups to sue people. Don't create flame wars on the internet. It's entertainment, and although it may be flawed, it is what it is.

It's okay. At least, I'm okay with it. I had all those questions in the back of my brain but after the finale it was just like... it didn't matter. The people mattered, and the journey mattered. I didn't bawl because I never figured out the Man in Black's name. I bawled when Sawyer and Juliet remembered their life (and her death) together, and clung to each other in front of that vending machine after he said "I got you, baby"... that's what it's all about.


The show's over. It's up and left me all alone in my viewing world, so I needed to find something new to latch on to. A rebound relationship, if you will! And it's presented itself nicely.

Yep. The new Doctor Who, featuring (for now) Christopher Eccleston and I Have Total 80's Hair Billie Piper. I used to watch the original version of this show with my dad when I was a wee kiddo, and it's only taken me 5 years to realize hey! They're continuing the story! Thank you, Instant Netflix. :) For all its cheesiness this show is AWESOME, and my phone now rings the Doctor Who theme. Bwahaha!


Jessica said...

I've never seen Lost, so have nothing to contribute there, but the Facebook groups? Wow. Just wow.

Gabby said...

l, the polar bear came from the Dharma people -- for tests. *LOL*

But, yeah. I was okay with the ending too. I agree that it was more about the journey, than it was about the answers. But, woo-wee, wouldn't have it been nice to get those answers? I think it ended as best as it could have. I wonder what people thought it should have ended like. Could THEY have come up with something better to tie up every loose end?

I enjoyed LOST thoroughly, but, for me, I will always bond to a show more because of the relationships established, than than the storyline. Although, of COURSE, the storyline helps.

I don't know if you ever watched Alias, which was created by JJ Abrams. Alias was sort of like that ... it took you for this ride, and then. But, to me, Alias was one awesome, costume-filled, wig-wearing, accent-flipping ride. One of my favorite shows of ALL time. It had me at the season premiere, and that's saying a lot. For me. (If you've never seen it, I highly recommend it. ^_^)

PS -- I can't believe there are people that want to try and sue for such ridiculousness. No one held a gun up to their head to make them watch. They could have turned it off. Goodness knows a lot of other people didn't make it through. SO ....

JessRaquel said...

My best friend LOVES Dr. Who which is funny because I love all things British and yet that's the one show I can't get into...

Glad you are one of the less melodramatic Lost watchers.. I never got into Lost so I never understood the hoopla.

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

I really fell in love with Lost and while I was a little disappointed with the ending I'm not about to go sue anyone over it. I mean... when you get down to it, it's a TV show.

Was I bummed that I didn't get every single little question I had answered? Sure.

Am I going to let it ruin my life? Um... no.

People seriously need to CHILL.

April said...

I stopped watching Lost after season 2, so I can say nothing. Lots op people were mad about 24's ending too.

Dr. Who-hilarious. I hear they made a new verion but have never seen it.

Meg said...

Ahh i can totally guess that people love this series. Guess why...Monday morning office meeting and my manager said, so watched LOST last night :)
I havent seen LOST but wud sometime catch up with it on DVD

Gnetch said...

I never got to watch Lost. But this "Some people are even going as far as to create a class-action lawsuit on Facebook suing the LOST creators for six years of "emotional damage and duress"" -- really?

I think I should buy a DVD copy of this series. My friends who watch it say it will only make sense when you watch it from the very beginning. :)

Assaad said...

Perfect example of 'People are stupid' heh

Personally I enjoyed the finale, I was able to sleep soundly that night.

I would have liked to know the egyptian connection to the island but that's just minor issue. At the end of the day, it was indeed all about the characters and where their journeys took them.

Mellisa Rock said...

I couldn't have said it better - it as a great show that had me tuning in week after week - talking to friends and family about it - and hating them for taking 1 year hiatus' - it was a fabulous show - epic!