Sunday, May 30, 2010

Football. No, not THAT football. The more important one!

This weekend thus far has been great! The days have been full of sun, we've been outside a lot, and we've been doing a lot of planning for our party.

What, party? Where are the invitations?? This isn't any ordinary party.

It revolves -- no pun intended -- around this...

That's one of the new South African soccer stadiums for World Cup 2010. GOOOOOOOAL! (I promise not to do that too many more times. ... Well, maybe.) Apparently, I'm shacking up with a soccer freak. I had inklings of this in the early dating process but nothing has manifested itself so fully until the past few months. The 'preperatory' months. (Is that a word?)

I'm now a registered user on, I'm playing in a fantasy league (huhwha'?), and my interest piques when I see Crouch do the robot after getting a goal. When did this happen?? Right now there are consecutive FIFA matches being played on the PS3. And I distinctly remember a 'joking' chat that involved drawing black hexagons on our white cats with a Sharpie.

Did you know there's 11 days until World Cup? Or that there's about a jillion formations you can make with your strikers and midfielders and defending dudes? (That's a technical term.) I know Rooney hurt his something or other and was going to be out of England's team, but now he's back and us Yanks are a little worried because they're our first group match. I know some dude from Germany hurt his something or other so bad that he's out, and that's gonna totally hamper their chances for being good. And I know the Brazilian coach didn't pick Ronaldinho (pronounced ron-ahl-deen-yo) for their team and the whole of Brazil may riot because of it.

I know all of this information by osmosis. I have no choice but to osmote (not a real word) it into my brain because that's all that's the word over here lately.

... Oh, party.

We're having a soccer party! Matt's family and some of our friends are all coming over for a long weekend to watch the World Cup and shout GOOOOOAL at each other, and likely make up some drunken celebration dances.

I've taken on the role of C.D.O (Chief Decorating Officer) and have tasked myself with making small copies of every. Single. Flag. Of Every. Single. Country. Playing in the WC so I can slap 'em on toothpicks and stick them into the three+ dozen cupcakes we've custom ordered just for this occasion. It was cool when I started. But there are a lot of flags. And some of them have a shield with a snake on it, or some type of sunburst dealie or random star formation, that my artistic OCD kicks in and it's tough with Crayola markers on 2"x3" paper.

WTF, Spain.

I also had the bright idea of cutting out a metric crap-ton letter O's so I could tape the letters, GOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL! to our streamers that are going to majestically swoop across the dining area. I should learn to think on my ideas before blurting them out in 'HEY THIS IS COOL' excitement because now I'm envisioning lining each of my hundred O's in black Sharpie tediously. Hmm.

We have a soccer-ball-themed chip dish.

And a centerpiece with brightly colored foil streamer things and cardboard soccer balls. (Some parts of which may or may not become a snack bar for the cats. I'm hoping they'll go after the chips instead to be honest. Less hazard involved.)

Our party isn't until the 17th so I have some time. Phew! I'm rooting for the Netherlands to win it all, so I'm now the proud owner of a bright orange jersey with the Oranje lion on it, and NEDERLAND on the back, and a set of eyeblacks that look like their flag. Everyone's rooting for a different team to win it all so the fandom part is sort of fun; we've all gotten a shirt with our respective team on it.

So yeah, it's been pretty much Soccer Saturation over here. I'm holding up okay! I'm actually enjoying it because it's something new for me, and it's exciting to see all the different cultures come together every 4 years.

... But if culture just ain't your thing, check out some of the fine specimens you'll be able to glimpse on the pitch!

Clint Dempsey plays for us, the good ol' USA. He's from Texas! Land of snakes, cacti, and supposedly, soccer. He's a striker, therefore a goal-getter!.... Sorry, bad soccer pun.

Cristiano Ronaldo plays for Portugal. Uhm, humana humana. Did you know he's the highest paid footie player in the world? Trivia! Impress your friends.

Robin Van Persie! He plays for the Dutch! GO ORANJE!... ahem.

This is Kaka. He's a midfielder for Brazil, and honestly that's all you need to know. I mean, look at the GQ cover.

So you can either plan your match watching around the teams you want to win, or the teams with the humana humana guys playing for them! Either way, it should be a good time for all, so GOOOOOOOAL!! (one last time), and I'm off to draw up some 'O' templates.

We're going berry picking tomorrow! I'm excited!!


Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Oh no, not you too! My husband is OBSESSED with soccer (aka football). He played it in high school and he will definitely be watching the World Cup (which means I probably will too).

Sorry hon but baseball is more my thing =-)

Standy said...

Definitely excited for World Cup 2010. I'll be trying to watch as many matches as I can depending on timezone difference. I think some matches play at 4.30AM down here and I might have to miss them cause of work.

Rooting for 2 teams. Brazil is the one that I've supported since 1990 (first World Cup I watched when I was 7 years old), and now I'm also adding Spain to the list because of their awesome football in the last few years.

PS: Cristiano Ronaldo probably has herpes from sleeping around with porn stars, prostitutes, and Paris Hilton. Be careful! XD

And to add fine specimen from Aussieland Harry Kewell, our supposedly best player who is often injured and overrated. He looks good with undies.