Tuesday, May 18, 2010

No more furniture.

So I had a big, long, detailed and somewhat humorous post written up on our trial and tribulation of today - picking up the kitchen set we bought and bringing it home. One table, four chairs, shouldn't seem like that big of a deal. But between my car not wanting to start this morning, nearly sneaking into a Bojangles for napkins to clean up oil in the AutoZone parking lot, chair boxes the size of elephants, surly warehouse workers, FOUR trips to the furniture store (one of which was not in our own vehicle), and many tiny foam balls flying around my car like an evil snowglobe... it was a LOT of trouble. And a lot of heavy lifting.

I deleted the post because it was VERY lengthy and wordy, and I'm not into the mega-long posts at any rate.

Some assembly required means YOU WILL PUT THIS ALL TOGETHER YOURSELF and I currently have the table assembled, along with one chair that is a little tippy for some reason unbeknownst to me, and completely makes me angry because it is tippy and I spent an hour on it. The rest of them can either put themselves together or go stuff it, because my lower back feels like it's been pounded into about 50 pieces at this point. (Or they will wait until Matt can come help me.)

My giveaway is going to be extended until Friday, because it's been pretty rainy here and I haven't had a chance to get to the beach. :( I could have gone today, as it finally cleared up some, but I was too occupied with trying to wrangle chair legs and backs and cushions into something that won't fall apart once you decide to sit on it.

I guess I'll try my luck at another chair. But if it's tippy, I swear I'm going to run shrieking into the forest! You'll see me on the news, "Deranged unemployed woman runs willy-nilly into some tall underbrush, screaming about allen wrenches! She's crazier than a sack of ferrets; film at 11."


Nicole said...

Oh I know exactly what your going through! A few years ago when I was in Chicago my roommate and I bought a table for our apt and she said she would put in more $ than me if I agreed to assemble it! I thought ok easy enough and I'll save some cash right? WRONG! It was hell lol after the sweat blood and tears 2 chairs were tippy!!! Argh but it was a good coversation starter! Good Luck lady :)

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...


Totally called Maurices today (yesterday the manager wasn't in) and the manager was busy so I left my name and number with the associate manager (who was also in on my interview) and asked to be called back.

Its been two hours.

Grr. Job hunting is just evil. Evil.

Gnetch said...

I'm really bad at assembling stuff too! It's just so frustrating. But good luck. Don't be so hard on yourself though. :)

Standy said...

Took me two weeks to fully furnished my brother's house. XD of course we were lazy. We failed at assembling his mighty bed. Then his gf came over and showed us how it's done!

I hate furniture assembling.