Thursday, May 27, 2010

A revelation.


I realized something today. Something that made me do a Keanu-style "whoa".

I got up pretty early today to head out and run a bunch of errands. I had a great time; the weather was lovely, as the sun hadn't been out for too long and it wasn't burn-i-nation out, not much traffic on the roads... yep, perfect.

Wait, what?

... Perfect? Morning?


I sat at a stoplight, stunned. Me, who HATES mornings, who would rather eat a cactus than get up before 8:00 for non-essentials.

It's true. I used to love staying up late and watching movies or what have you, but I just can't stay up like I used to. Even on a day where I'll sleep in (to 9:30-ish) once 10:30 hits, zzz. See ya!

I now find it much more fulfilling to get up, get out there early in the gorgeous pre-10:00-hot weather when no one's out and enjoy the morning. This is a big change for me.

I'm even planning on getting up early tomorrow -- yes, the official start to Memorial Day weekend, when everyone and their MOM is gonna be out and ... going to the beach -- and head out there myself around 8:30. I'm hoping to beat the rush and that most people will be travelling tomorrow morning. We'll see, I'll let you know how that goes.

I'm also almost ready to start my 52 self-portrait project! I've taken my first set of photos and narrowed it down to a few I like, so I'm going to think on it and likely post them during the weekend once I clean my Flickr account up. I need to think of a good name for the project, too. Not just "sum piktrs" or the ever generic "Project 52". Something ... fun, biff, pow!, like that!

But now, I need a nap, because I got up early.


Jessica said...

Hooray for revelations!

Lady Hill said...

everyonce in a while I have a morning like that too. I'm still a night owl at heart though. Rarely will you find me in bed before 3am even when I need to be at work by 9:30am.
A nice peaceful productive morning really sets my spirits high for the rest of the day though!

enjoy your nap!

One Love Mama said...

I was never ever a morning person... until I became a Mom! Now I know 6am is the only time of day I can have peace and quiet!!

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

I prefer early afternoon, hehe. I'm not much of a morning person anymore and I've never really been a night person either.

Gnetch said...

I can't really tell whether I'm a morning person or not. Since I work night shifts and get to go home in the morning. So mainly, every morning, I'm tired.

So. I'm probably not a morning person. Haha.

April said...

Man, I wish that would happen to me. I am totally not a morning person.

Meg said...

How does a sunrise look? No idea!
I catch the train to work early mrng around 7ish for which I get up at 6:30. But I prefer sitting in the end cars as everyone in them sleep off the commute unlike the front cars ;-)

So I am NOT at all a morning person. will I be some day??? Not by choice for sure :-)

Tazim said...

I like it at night when it is more quiet and everyone is sleeping. :) I wonder if one day i'll wake up and be a morning person, though?

Lindsay @ said...

I'm totally a morning person. I seriously love waking up and being the only one so I can enjoy my coffee and the sunrise.

Nicole said...

Iam a morning person too! Like one of those annoying bubbly morning people lol they patients hate it! But whatevs I have to be at work everyday at 6:30 I have to fight the funk! and yup that means my bedtime is 9:30 10:00 too. I wake up around 8 on the weekends, I feel so much more productive waking up early =D

Mellisa Rock said...

I had the same realization not to long ago - there is a lot of satisfaction in what you accomplish in the morning's! I used to be too tired to get all the things that I need done that I needed to.