Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Sprouts and Tables and Dresses, oh my..

Finally, some photos! How exciting! Anyways, remember those flower seeds I planted? (It's okay if you don't, I won't hold it against ya.) Well here are some sprout photos...

These are the Cosmos, and they've gone BONKERS! Three days after I'd planted them, baby sprouts were shoving their way up through the dirt, and about a week and a half later... this! The flowers are in very beginning blooming stages (you can see them if you squint, maybe) but they're on their way! I can't wait to see the colors, and set them on my front porch in full bloom. :)

Here is a close up of the marigolds, and you can see the little flower sprouts in the leaves!! :) I like this photo, I am really learning how to take a decent macro photo with my stock lens.

Look, it's me! I wore this dress last Friday and I kept getting COMPLIMENTS on it... what the heck! I bought it at Kohls in 2005 for 15 bucks! Anyways, I figured I'd document this momentous occasion, and also document the fact that continuous P90X is making my arms look awesome.

Here it is, the Table Set of Doom!! We're thrilled with it and it fits our decor perfectly. And, I'm writing this post from the chair directly in front of the curtains! How cool is that?? And no, there is not a plant in my purse, it's an illusion!! ;)

Yup, another one. See, the plant is a separate entity! You can see on the island counter to the left the crappy books I've subjected myself to reading, and will review them shortly. No really, they're really bad. I decided to dabble in 'chick-lit'... bad plan, Sami. Blargh.

Last one. I HATE our wastebasket. Bluh. But it serves a purpose. The signed doodlydad on the wall is actually a menu from Emeril's restaurant in Orlando, and it's signed by Chef Bernard - we got to meet him! I was pretty flabbergasted, but mostly drunk. Heehee...

This concludes (not-so) Wordless Wednesday!


April said...

It IS a cute dress!

One Love Mama said...

You look great! I did p90x for a week and quit. It was really hard for me... and that guy annoyed the crap outta me!

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

That may be the table set from doom but it's pretty darn gorgeous looking! As is that dress on you!

Jo said...

haha plant in the purse is funny, well if it WAS in the purse. The dress really is pretty and it looks great on you so dont act so shocked :P

I love your decor, i have a burgundy and cream thing going on, lots of green too, im compulsive about it. I'm jealous of your plants, ive been working on my yard and plants nowe for 3 weeks trying to revive my grass ( the people before me treated it like crap ) and its such a slow tedious process. I want a greener thumb :(

Gnetch said...

Oh, the sprouts.. Can't wait to see the cosmos and marigolds!!

That dress is really cute and it looks good on you. :)

knk said...

nice pictures your home is soo beautiful i like it
i never keep my home like that

Standy said...

*compliments the dress* ^^

My name is PJ. said...

That red and white dress is very becoming!

Jenny said...

Well, darn, who needs a table when you look that amazing in that red and white dress?

I'm gonna get me one of those cameras if my arms will get all buff and toned like that!

Love the table....and the menu is so neat.

And your purse/planter is really creative! Just kiddin!

Hooray for you! You are cool!