Sunday, August 2, 2009

It's a nice and refreshingly rainy afternoon, I must say. It's been pretty hot here in the south, as it has been all across the country this week! Nice to cool down. :)

I've been relaxing and reading my book and muddling around on YouTube... so I'm going to post a couple of my favorite videos!

This first one is a crazy Indian song that is insanely catchy, and the video is HILARITY. It's fun to dance around to! Aside, if you're anything familiar with that World of Warcraft game I play, the Draenai male race dance is the dance the guys do during the chorus, with the finger wigglys and the clapping and the small rodeo motions. Good stuff!

The next one is another catchy song by a Canadian (?) band called The Long Division. It's very poppy and fun and will stick in your head for hours! It's also fun to enjoy yourself while doing groceries! Also, I ask you this question - what do YOU think the magic muffin is? (Matt thinks it's drugs, I think it's his dingdong.) The eternal question!

This last one is of Gunther -- he's very Swedish and I think is a big pop star in Europe?? (Confirm/deny?) His songs and videos are very laughable though; broken English in a sultry foreign accent and crazy bizarro imagery. Lots of butts. And who sports a mustache that looks like a wooly bear caterpillar and is confident about it aside from Gunther?? ;) Watch for the naked man on the trampoline at 3:14 with the bananas! (Seriously!) It's a no-no, but you like it...

That's all for that; while I like YouTube, I don't like embedding a jillion videos into a page and making it really slow! Boooo~ :)


Mellie said...

You can take the rain we've been having since the beginning of June. We don't want it anymore. :(

Also, lol Tunak Tunak Tun is friggin' amazing. I love that thing.

noelle said...

I can't believe you know Gunther!!! He's actually been to Los Angeles on his "world tour" and my friends who went actually got to meet him. He seriously acts like his video in person - he thinks he's seriously sexy and smooth.For real, it's not an act. SICK.


Susan said...

... Susan enters the comment section wigglin' her fingers in between claps ...

These are great videos. Boy, would I love to slide down an aisle in a supermarket but I'd probably be arrested. Hehehehe
What is a "magic muffin?" You got me but anything that's magic can't be all that bad. Pass me a dingdong, please. :))

I also enjoyed the Swedish band. I may be getting old but I wouldn't mind having one of those blonde guys to join me on a bike ride. Wooooweeeeeee!

Very entertaining post, my friend!

Hugssss, Susan

JennyMac said...

So glad I have the volume UP so people can wonder WTF I am doing in my office when I am on a conference call. That is boring and ill by the way. THANKS for the beats.

Lola Lakely said...

I HEART that Indian guy. He was my favorite on youtube for a long, long time. Thanks for reminding me that he is still out there!

Young Mom/Wife said...

I found you from 20sb. I LOVE all the videos! Especially they ridiculously cheesy European video. I especially love the gross stache and the Euro mullet. hahaha, great stuff.