Sunday, August 16, 2009

Thanks to my BB for being a piece!

No, really! That isn't sarcasm!

Friday night, as I mentioned, we went to check out our house progress. We usually bring the camera with us, but since we ran out to tapas dinner before, it was forgotten. Wait!, I said. My supercool new Blackberry has a 2mp camera! We're fine!

So we went and took photos with my phone of our foundation.

The next day, I went to put the pictures on my laptop.... uhm, can we say craptastic? Granted it was late at night, but I had some non-night photos on my BB I transferred over and they quality was just crummy. As a girl who's looking into a DSLR, and loves photography in general, this just bummed me out!


Look at that junk!!! With all of the awesomeness that the Blackberry is, they surely didn't budget for a decent phone. And the more you zoom in, the more your photos look like a Jackson Pollock painting. Weak! They look fabulous on the phone itself, but of course, the screen is small x smaller. I'm sure you can understand why this would dissapoint! I don't want friends & family seeing this streaky, blocky evil.

(For reference, that's me! sitting on our soon to be screened in porch that faces our little wildlife backyard area!)

So yeah, barf-o-rama. Yesterday we grabbed the real camera and headed back out. And much to our surprise and delight...

The frame had been put up!!! We figure since it's been so rainy, they worked some on Saturday morning to catch up (this was taken in the afternoon). WOO HOOOOOO!!!! This is sooo exciting! I can't wait to be in our awesome cozy little house for the holiday season. Seeing this got us so excited that it's really on the way now, and every time we go back it'll be more and more done!

Time to start working on that housewarming registry again, LOL.

Also, I've decided which of the 12 pounds of stationary/organizational stuff from Carolina Pad I'll be using in my Sami Turns 29 on 9-9-09 Giveaway, so watch for a signup post for that soon!! ( I may find a few more cool items to throw in, too ;) ) Check out their website, all of their stuff is GORGEOUS - my mondo box o' samplers are all items from the Eye Candy collection! Yum!

We've had a nice and relaxing weekend - it's been absolutely killer out as far as heat goes, so we've been hanging out inside during the day (I've been doing a lot of PVP in Warcraft... if anyone has a clue what that is, LOL) and venturing out to do stuff at night when it cools down a bit. :) Hope y'all are staying cool!


Dartboard said...

BB Camera's are horrible. There's no reason for them to still put on lame 2.0 mp.

Proud Maisie said...

Sorry to hear about the crappy camera... Whoops.

ladytruth said...

I'm sure Mr. C might have a supersecret way of working the BB's camera; and as for the house: I'm getting all excited here and I'm already living in my dream house!

ClaireMontgomeryMD said...

exciting! now it will actually change every time you visit.

Ronnica said...

Yeah, camera phones just don't seem to cut it. I'm just glad to have something to fall back on when I have a you've-got-to-be-kidding-me moment!

noelle said...

YAY - so excited for your new house! Thanks for getting some "decent" pics, can't wait to see the progress.

JennyMac said...

Despite the camera phone pics...this is awesome. Very exciting adventure ahead. Congrats on seeing progress.

LiLu said...

My BB's camera is totally disappointing, but when it's all you have, at least it gets the job done. :-)