Friday, August 14, 2009

Please, dress with care.

So tonight we went to an AMAZING tapas-style restaurant for dinner (Yum, Gruyere....) and had the pleasant misfortune of seeing a girl that looked like this:

Wearing something VERY skimpy looking like this: (note-color and frills are VERY accurate)

Needless to say, there weren't enough Arnold Palmers to bludgeon that blasphemy from my mind. It's fine to be big, but when anyone can see your funky thong underwear when you're sitting down, no no no no.

BLAH! Dinner was amazing and lovely otherwise. :)

Also, remember the Carolina Pad giveaway I won? Today arrived a box that weighed TWELVE POUNDS, crammed full of nearly everything on their site! Twelve pounds of stationary and stationary supplies!!! WHOA!!! Well, I think I know what I'm going to use for my giveaway now! ;) I was -SO- excited to open the box! It's all so colorful and awesome and overflowing! So watch for a post for that in the near future.

We also went to check out our house-in-progress, as we do every Friday, and we have an actual poured foundation now!! It was so exciting to actually stand on our foundation, and see where the rooms were gonna be. :) We go to check out the progress every Friday after work. I am SO excited for it to be done, you have no idea!

All right, that's all for me after this long week. Hope everyone is relaxing tonight and will have a fun, work-free weekend!


Susan said...

I can only imagine what you saw at the restaurant. Hehehe. And,I'm glad you had a great dinner!

You must have been so excited seeing the foundation of your new home. I know I would have been! The house will be up before you know it and I'll be waiting to see photos.

Have a wonderful week and keep smiling! Good things are coming your way. :)

Hugssss, Susan

Valerie said...

Wearing clothes that fit is an important part of life. Especially when you're around people who are eating.

Yeah for your house! You should up date a;l of us on the progress every friday as well!

Lee Beth said...

Manatees are great! :)

ladytruth said...

Didn't you just have the urge to cover the poor thing with a tablecloth? Someone needs to help these people get some styling standards!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you. I don't mind big girls, skinny girls, etc. But I hate women that don't dress for their bodies...UGH!

brian said...

Stumbled across your blog from 20sb, and the design and writing is excellent. :) And I think the phrase "bludgeon that blasphemy" is going to become a main portion of my daily communication.

ClaireMontgomeryMD said...

we should file a class action suit against some of these plus size clothes makers/retailers. there are just some things that should NOT be made in tent size!

congrats on your foundation! next to the roof, it's the most important part. hope you're taking weekly pics to commemorate the house. it's a good keepsake for you AND for the house and any future residents.

Lauren From Texas said...

i don't understand people like that who go out to dinner in public. the other night, my husband and I went out for sushi at a fairly nice place, and this guy comes in looking like he had not showered and was wearing a wife beater! seriously?

thanks for stopping by my blog - looking forward to reading more of yours :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for swinging by our site fellow New Englander!
...what a sad looking manatee, maybe it's feelings are hurt after comparing it to that girl? oh well.


Gabby said...

Personally, regardless of size, I don't want to see ANYONE's funky thong underwear.

(And as much as I know it's somewhat in fashion, low-rise pants/jeans are nobody's friend.)

Poor manatee, though ..... :(

Baglady said...

If she looks like that and her clothes look like that then surely that has to hurt? Why would anyone wear underwear that causes pain (unless it's just there to be taken off, if you know what I mean).

Oooh! Stationary! I lurve new stationary. The promise of something, um, organised. And neat. Fabbo.