Sunday, August 23, 2009

29 on 9.9.09 Birthday Giveaway!!

It's that time!

Time for my birthday giveaway! That's right, on my birthday, I'm going to give someone a gift! Everyone can celebrate :)

I recently won a big giveaway from Carolina Pad and now, I'm going to spread the love by offering up the following of my winnings to you:

From L-R:
Top: 3-ring binder, hard-bound lined notebook with high-quality paper inside and plastic folder for other documents.
Bottom: Organizational folder with paper and 8 plastic pockets for documents/important stuffs :), 3 ring folder (perfect for use with the binder!), 5 tab-dividers with pockets (also awesome for the binder), colorful sticky-notes (50) and stick-on flags (200), and 3 stylin' highlighters.

I've brought nearly all of my CP winnings to the office, where they're helping out big time with organizing my crazy desk, so whether these are for the office or for the new semester, or just organizing around the house, you'll be doing it in total style. :)

I may throw in a few extras, depending on what I can find around this beachy town that would be cool!

So if you're interested in spreading the birthday cheer, fill out the form below - all submissions will count for one entry, but you can double your chances to win by pimping this giveaway on your blog and pasting a link to your pimp-age in the proper spot below. :) I'll announce the winner on my birthday, September 9th!

Happy contesting, folks!! :D


the girl with the pink teacup said...

Sami, those are some seriously cute prizes! I'm still so impressed that you are doing a birthday giveaway on YOUR OWN freakin' birthday – just goes to show what a truly special lady you are :) Hope you don't mind if I enter the competition, even though I live on the other side of the world (I'll chip in for postage, I swear!) Love your work, sweet thing.

the girl with the pink teacup said...

Oh, and having a birthday on 09.09.09 is ridiculously cool. Just sayin'.

Lauren From Texas said...

happy early birthday!! i hope i win :)


Chère said...

Aw, how sweet to give gifts on YOUR birthday :) That loot is pretty cute, too!

nando said...

wow,,09.09.2009 is your birthday ? same with mine, 09.09.2009 also my birthday but not with the age, i'll be 22. Agree with the girl with the pink teacup, peps with 09.09.2009 as their birthday are cool.

wish i could be like you, doing birthday giveaway.

ClaireMontgomeryMD said...

totally impressed with your entry form. crossing my fingers that i win!