Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Shows and stuff

My 30-day review at my new job is tomorrow! Woohoo! Guess it's not really new anymore, huh? I'm glad :) I have a good time there! AND I get half-days on Wednesday now... get to leave at 1:30! I chose Wednesday because I figured it'd break up the week nicely.

So, there are three primary TV shows in my life right now! They are ...

I got hooked on LOST in a rather depressing way back in late 2006. My house was robbed and my mom and I were living temorarily out of the hotel she works for (don't feel bad about that part - we were in the Presidential Suite free for a month, it was extremely generous and fancy) when a friend lent me the first two seasons he had. I think I watched them in, oh, three days? I fell off the wagon for a loooong time until, fast-forward to this year, when I started Netflixing season three, because everyone at my temp job was talking about LOST LOST LOST. So I watched Seasons three and four, like wicked fast! I want to be caught up with Season five by the time the final season starts airing in January of 2010. :)

I was a little skeptical that they could keep a show going about people being lost on an island for five seasons, but man, it doesn't dissapoint. I haven't seen season five yet because it's not out on DVD (and I don't think the ABC website streams the entire series) so I'll have to wait until Christmas! ;)

Now, we don't get HBO. Clearly depraved. So I know season two of this awesome series is running right now, but I'm stuck Netflix'ing season one in the meantime. I'm only on episode four but I LOVE it! It's addicting, and pretty darn sexual. But hey, it's vampires. Go fig. :) I just watched episodes 3 and 4 today!

Oldie but goodie, anyone?? Once again I never really watched this show in syndication, but became so hooked on reruns that I now own the complete 7 season box set! And I've only seen through season five... so we are sitting down and watching it all from the very start (also because the boyfriend hasn't seen a lick of it, and now after 4 episodes HE is hooked!!!) so it should be fun. :) Spike and Drusilla are my favorites, they play off of each other so well!

There's my post about TV shows. Fascinating!! I really like more than that, like Freaks and Geeks was an AMAZING underrated show, but those are just the ones I'm watching now! What about you? Anything you're watching or are interested to watch? (ABC's new fall show Flash Forward looks interesting!)


canadiandoubles said...

I've never seen an episode of Lost. I have an irrational fear that I'll start watching one on accident and won't see the light of day until I emerge from my house 2 weeks later after catching up on all the seasons.

I'm am also interested to this Flash Forward show though. Intriguing.


Krysten Hartenstein said...

I watch True Blood online - we don't have HBO either so this is my way of keeping up with the show.

Kim said...

Lost is such an amazing show. I, too, wondered how they'd be able to keep up a show about being stuck on an island, but they surely did. You'll have to post your thoughts once you're through with season 5.

Gina said...

Last week, I started watching True Blood online, and am now all caught up. It's rather addicting! I watched it online at You can also watch the new ones on

Only two episodes left in the new season!

Mrs Soup said...

I wish we had high speed internet again to watch True Blood. It looks so great!

And I've just been introduced to Buffy. I am a huge Firefly fan, so the more Joss Whedan the better!

Mellie said...

Freaks and Geeks is an amazing show. Oh my lord. :D

If I watched much TV, I'd probably have more to contribute, but I'm not sure drooling over Food Network counts. :) I tend to start shows, get super busy with work or something, then forget to watch the rest of it.

However, I have seen the first two seasons of The Tudors (yay netflixs) and it's so swanky but so good. I wish I had showtime so I could watch Season 3, but I can be patient.

written assignments said...

it's amazing, and it's fact, that couldn't be approved. IMAO!!