Saturday, August 1, 2009

Happy August!!

It lives!!!

*zombie noises*

So my first week of work is done, and if I may say so myself, it was a ROARING success! It was also busy and stressful of course, as any new job is, with learning the ropes and trying to remember the ropes when it's actually your turn to do stuff. I really really think I am going to enjoy it -- I don't want to be -too- explanatory about what I do, but I work in the music industry, and all of my co-workers thus far are great. This job seems right up my alley so I'm very excited to see where it goes!!

Also, check out what I get to see on my way into work every morning...

HOOOO DAWGIE! We sure do have big ol' bugs in NC! Sorry the picture is a bit fuzzy, I didn't want to get TOO close and have jumpy-leg spider jump into my hair (or my eye). I've decided against naming her the usual spider name of Charlotte, and have opted for the shorter, sassier Charmaine instead. She's there every morning!

So if a new job and a spider that looks like it could be able to eat your face isn't exciting enough, I got another hunk of good news yesterday...

They've finally started construction on our house!!!!!!!! YEE HAW, we have a foundation!!!! I am so so excited! :) Gotta get to work on that Amazon housewarming wishlist, LOL...

And one more photo I took last week; this is why i can't wait to get a DSLR and get bigger, better photos of stuff like this...

Rainbow! The end seemed to land right on the grocery store... maybe that's where the pot of gold is?? ;)

I hope everyone had a great week and will have a relaxing, awesome weekend; I'm happy to have my first week over so I can decompress and get back to my normal routine this weekend! Going to try to go to the beach tomorrow morning, today will be library and groceries and maybe perusing a local coffee shop for a drink... we shall see!


ladytruth said...

Love the fact that the end of the rainbow is a grocery store; who knew?!

Seems like things in your life are really looking up! Enjoy every second of this "new" beginning and adventure!

Mellie said...

There may not be a pot of gold, but there's lucky charms!

And ew omg spider was not expecting that brb freaking out.


SquirrelQueen said...

That is so cool that you have the foundation, very exciting. You will have to keep us posted as it progresses.

The rainbow is great, even without the pot of gold they are so beautiful.

Valerie said...

awesome that you're liking your new job!

and I can't believe that spider! it looks radio-active or something

Susan said...

Yippieeee! I'm glad to hear that your first week at work went well. That's great news!

Eeeccckkkkk! What a sight to behold each morning, an itsy-bitsy spider. Well maybe not that itsy-bitsy. ;)
LMAO at Valerie's comment: radio-active spider. But, she's right. It does look a wee-bitty psychedylic. Hahaha

Watching the step by step construction of your new home must be exciting. I hope you post a photo when it's completed. The foundation looks so big.

I love the rainbow photo too. Let me know if you find the pot of gold.

Gina said...

That is one creepy spider! But if it's anywhere near your house, it will eat a ton of mosquitoes and prevent you from getting bit! We have a huge brown spider by our back door (we named her Betsy). Since she has appeared, no mosquitoes have managed to make it inside our home.

miss*H said...

oh no no no no no. I just jumped back from my should have had a warning about the spider (i HATE them)

Glad you've nejoyed your first week..hopefully each week will get better :)