Friday, June 19, 2009

Paddleboat day!

So today I took the day off from work! Yay!! Sometimes you just need an extra day to the weekend. :)

My boyfriend and I went paddleboating at Greenfield Lake Park, an awesome park in our town. I took lots of pictures; they're not the best really, because my camera's kinda crummy (saving up for a dslr... slowly...) and it was REALLY sunny out, so they came out pretty light, but I tried to level them off in Photoshop. :)

Ducks! Obviously around people a lot, these ones didn't mind being photographed.

Takin' a snooze in the shade.

Awesome scenery! There were tons of overhanging trees and Spanish moss... it was HOT as heck out, low 90's, so we tried to stay in the shade as much as possible!

We had to stop paddling to let these guys go by!

Turtles!! There were turtles sunbathing everywhere... so many awesome birds too, but my camera couldn't capture them well. :(

There were all these little awesome "passageways" between big clumps of trees and moss that we navigated through... :)

I am happy! And very sweaty by this point! But happy!

Okay, that's enough from me... don't want to flood y'all with nature images! ;) What a great day to start the weekend. I got a definite tan from being out in that sunny, hot weather all day!

Aaaand... I've got iced tea chilling in the fridge and baked potatoes in the oven - yum!!


noelle said...

Looks like a lovely day! I'm so jealous of all that lush dense greenery... a great way to kick off a weekend - good exercise and a nice tan. Bonus!


Mr. Condescending said...

Looks like a lot of fun! Those pics aren't too bad!

Let me tell you though, once you have a dslr your gonna be extremely happy!

Laura M said...

OK, so I have to say I love anyone that posts a picture of turtles on their blog.....especially a picture they took! ALL the pictures are great though and it looks like it was a fun time. The park is beautiful, where are you located?

Sami said...

@noelle - it was DEFINITELY great exercise!!

@mr.c - i've wanted a dslr for a year or two now ... due to several random fiascos, i just can't manage to save up the cash!

@laura - the turtles were everywhere! and HUGE!! :) we are in wilmington, north carolina, and love it here!

Gina said...

That place looks amazing! I love the pictures.

SquirrelQueen said...

Beautiful park, so lush and green. The turtles are great I rarely see any here.
Have a great weekend,

me melodia said...

Looks peaceful.