Thursday, June 25, 2009


The ever-awesome Moonjava has found a fun game to play, and I've decided to get in on the fun too! :)

Her blog had 5 questions, that she had gotten from someone else; I commented on her post saying I'd like to play, so she left me 5 questions in the comments of my last post for me to answer here! So if you want to play and have 5 random questions to answer, leave me a comment here and I'll find you~! Looks like a fun way to learn about your followers, so why not? :)

Here's mine!

-In the tv show Friends, who do you relate most to and why?
You know, I never watched Friends!! I'm a bad female demographic! *cringe* Judging from what I know though, I'd have to choose Chandler, just because of his attempts at wit. :)

-If you could choose one power, what would you choose: to be able to fly, or to be able to read minds?
Oh, definitely to fly. Save money on visiting family and friends, and easy travel!

-Why did you start blogging?
I've actually been blogging since around 2000 (wowie); I can't remember why! Some friends of mine had blogs so I made one too, and it was fun. :) And here I am 9 years later! Some of my earlier blogs were on blogger, and I go back and read my old entries... ugggh, I kind of made myself shudder with my naivete and giggly college idiocy! Barf! ;)

-If you had one hour to pack 3 things and take a trip to a foreign country, what are 3 things you'd bring, where, and why?
Can I pack people?? ;) If so, I'd pack Matt, a nice versatile outfit, and a camera and go to Germany! (Or Prague, in Checkoscosslovakia, that I can never spell..) Oh, if I couldn't pack Matt, I'd take my cell phone! LOL

-What is your dream job?
Pharmacist or some kind of medical research. I wish I would have known this information when I was 18. :/ Go figure!

I took some cool pictures of my cats, will post them later. :) I need a wider layout to post my pictures bigger...


Gabby said...

Uhm, Sami, it's the Czech Republic now. ^_-

I'll be a sport and play the game! Random me, baby!

Moonjava said...

Medical research, awesome! Girl after my own heart! ;)