Monday, June 8, 2009

Blood drive day!

I gave blood today!!!!!!

I've never done it before, so when the blood drive came up at work again I bit the bullet and signed up! It wasn't bad at all, although I'm a little tired this afternoon. :) I've never been really scared of needles, I think my big thing was, because I'm rather tiny, worrying about fainting. But I did fine!

Definitely a cool thing to do if you can, if my blood can help save a life I'm happy to donate!


noelle said...

I totally admire your ability to give blood! And be strong enough to be conscious after... my one attempt at it left me fainting, hitting my head on trashcan, with an icepack pressed against my newly blackened eye. I will just have to find other ways to be helpful... :)

Krysten Hartenstein said...

Very cool for you lady! I've always been a bit scared to give blood and the few times I've tried I've been told I have an iron deficiency. Always makes me slightly relieved and slightly sad.

the girl said...

Good on you! Your kindness will benefit so many people, and it's great that your work is encouraging people to give blood. I've donated a few times, but haven't been able to this year as I had some tattoos done (in Australia they ask you to wait for a year afterwards - fair enough!) Hopefully others will follow your example :)


Asia Amor said...

That's so cool, until now I'm still much afraid of doing it :)