Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I heart my Mac.

I wasn't going to make a post tonight, because I am pretty busy with other things, but I've been struck to say something really briefly...

I love my Mac. I'm not one of those "Mac fanpeople" that owns every Macintosh related products, or hisses every time someone mentions Windows. Heck, I use a Windows machine every day at work, and I game on one at night.

My laptop is a Powerbook G4 that I've had since 2004. I've done a lot on this machine -- design projects for freelance work back in the day, watched many a full length movie and DVD, played copious amounts of World of Warcraft on it for at least 6 months while it was my main gaming machine. I've taken it everywhere, dropped it on its head, loaded it up with stupid anime episodes and downloaded long music mixes late into the night. And I cannot remember one time where it hasn't worked or given me any sort of problem in the least. Not one. Nothing. It has always turned on, always worked flawlessly, never needed any new parts or maintenance. For being utilized nearly every day for the past 5 years, that's not bad at all.

Yeah, it was expensive. But well worth it! Its name is Tybalt (The Prince of Cats!) and I heart it. :) The end!


Valerie said...

I bought another toshiba because I liked my last one so much and there is no mac store where I live (I'd have to drive over 4 hours!) but I keep kicking myself about it... I didn't really expect to do as much art-wise on the computer as I am now...sigh. when this one dies I guess.

the girl with the pink teacup said...


Sheesh, I've missed three posts? For some reason, they weren't showing up in my reader (Google Reader FAIL).

Anyway, I too am the proud owner of a vintage 2004 G4 laptop (although only an iBook, not a PowerBook - I was too cheap to splash out on the expensive one). And, like you, it has never let me down. Ever. Five years after I bought it, it's still going as strong as ever :) AND I've repeatedly dropped it, spilled stuff on it, etc. If that ain't a good testimonial for Macs, I don't know what is.