Saturday, April 17, 2010

Of car photos and pork chops!


Wowza! Check out the paint color on that car!! Today was a goooorgeous Saturday morning, so we headed downtown for our local Rims on the River event... hundreds of classic cars and motorcycles took up a chunk of the downtown streets, and everything was closed off so we could walk around and admire all of the shinies. SO fun! We spent about two hours out in the sun taking photos, ogling awesome vehicles, and taking photos! I'll post a couple more below... you can always click on them to check out the bigger version... (Did you know that paint above has metallic shinies in it?? Yeah.... big versions are awesome!!)


Our local farmer's market was in full swing! Today was the first day of the year for the farmer's market, so it was DEFINITELY very busy!! So many fresh herbs, veggies, meats, and the flowers.. oohh, the flowers!! Love it! Even local wine and cheese!


Okay, I would ride this pink bike EVERYWHERE!!!! (It has a little painting of the bunny and skunk from Bambi on the side there! And Bambi was painted on the OTHER side!)

And promptly upon returning home, a smidge sunburned... I promptly slept for 2 hours. Gee, what a fun time I am, huh? ;)

I just finished eating dinner; tonight I grilled some porkchops. The ever-awesome Standy asked how I make them ... so I'll tell you!

(Not mine, but they come out looking just like it!)

I used to bread and pan-fry my porkchops, but after grilling them once I'll NEVER go back to that method! They are just so much tastier and healthier grilled, and they always come out so much jucier. I use my Griddler, one of the best birthday gifts Matt's ever gotten me - seriously, you can make EVERYTHING on this thing!! I'll brush the grill pans with EVOO and set it up to heat, wash the chops, and salt and pepper them lightly. Then I'll either do one of two things - dust some of Chef Paul Prudhomme's Meat Magic (YUM) on 'em and toss them on the grill, or sprinkle some fresh basil on them instead. Either way, I'll close the Griddler and with both the top and bottom grill plates pressed on 'em they're done in like 5 minutes. I used to actually brush them with honey pre-grilling, and they came out AMAZING (a little grilled-on honey crust, mmmm), but the honey is SUCH a P.I.T.A to clean off the grill plates that I rarely do it anymore.

So there you have it! I'll dish up either some jasmine rice or french-cut green beans for a side dish, and voila, healthy and tasty!

Hmm... speaking of grill plates, time to go clean those bad boys... 'till next time! :)


Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

For some reason I love car shows like that - outside in the beautiful weather where you can just stroll around. So fun!

And I don't even like pork chops (which is bizarre because when I was younger I LOVED them) but that looks GOOD.

Standy said...

Awesome! I just bought some pork chops yesterday since I thought there's hope that you'd post how you cook yours XD I don't own Griddler or something like that, but I think I can still come up with something. I do have honey XD

Jessica said...

So great when the Farmers' Markets come back!!

Chelsea Robbins said...

i love love love that green car!

Gnetch said...

That pink bike is effing cute! I want that. :)

emilia. said...

Awesome pictures. :) So cute! Totally a new follower.

Sarah Ann said...

I love love pork chops... :) I love your blog, too!

Mrs Soup said...

Oh yum....grilled prok chops are amazing....

Shelley Ann said...

i wish we had a good farmer's market around here...ive only heard good things about them! and that pork chop looks absolutely delicious!