Thursday, April 15, 2010

It's ... here! Talkabout Thursday!

Hi, hi, hi!!!!! :)

You're here for the new feature here at Sami by the Sea!

It's called ... *drumroll* ... Talkabout Thursday!

Talkabout Thursday is going to be an every Thursday meme that I'll post here (with a MckLinky so EVERYONE can participate, and visit others who participate as well!) with a random, fun, yet thought-provoking question (more than just 'what's your favorite color?' or favorite movie or what have you) so we can not only get to know a little bit about each other, but meet new blogfriends in the process. And here's why I chose the name...

Talkabout - What the heckum is a talkabout? Well, a 'walkabout' is, in short, a rite of passage for Australian aborigines to head out into the desert for a good amount of time on a somewhat spiritual journey to discover things about themselves. So, a talkabout is (theoretically) a time to not only divulge fun stuff about yourself, but to discover more stuff about your friends you didn't know, and THEN to learn even more stuff about bloggers you didn't know to start with and MAKE some friends! WOO! Let's talkabout!!

Thursday - Let's face it. Everyone loves Friday. (Me too!) It's the start of the coveted weekend. Friday has SO many 'Fun Friday'esque memes. Friday always snags the last pair of jeans in your size from the Gap. AND it can eat all the Oreos it wants and never gain a pound. So Friday needs a rest. Thursday, the quiet and often humble prelude to Friday, is getting its comeuppance. ;)

So when you combine them, you get ...

(Yup, I made that!)

Now that all the official blahblah is out of the way, here's how to play every week:

1. Snag that button thar' (r-click, 'save as') and stick it on your Thursday post! Link back to here ( - or even better, my corresponding Thursday post) so folks can read what everyone else has posted.

2. Answer the question of the day on your blog!

3. Submit *your* Talkabout Thursday URL in the MckLinky below. Commence visiting other awesome folks who have also done steps 1-3, comment on their posts, make friends, have fun! Repeat weekly for best results!

Easy peasy lemon squeezy! (... That was ... dare I say it ... cheesy!)

Here's this week's question...

So 2010 is only 4 (and a half) months in. What do you think has been your biggest accomplishment so far this year? It can be something as big as getting married, to something as small as eating a little bit better at lunchtime.

Mine? DEFINITELY taking the big scary step to file for the BK. It's got such a negative stigma around it but going through the process thus far has given me so much hope and happiness that I'm not worried about anything anymore. :) It's going to be SO worth it when it's all over and I'm happy that I'm going through it positively and with a lot of knowledge on my side.

That, and I've been setting some smaller goals recently, for myself and for the house, and it's exciting to have something fruitful to work towards. :)

Add your post to the LinkyTool below and have a Talkabout!! :D


xoxoKrysten said...

I'm just going to answer on here. Because I'm being lazy today.

My biggest thing has definitely been going back to school. And promising myself that I WILL WILL WILL stick with it.

So far so good!

Standy said...

No blog, so I'll answer on comment ^^

I'm not 100% sure which one is my biggest accomplishments so far this year, but there are some that come to mind:
1. By the end of April, I'll be 1-year free of drinking soft drinks/soda/pop/whatever you want to call it.
2. Finally owning a PS3!!
3. Surviving multiple weeks at work being the boss (the real big boss on leave) and as usual, things broke down. That was a lot of stress.

Gnetch said...

As you know, I'm calendarly impaired (haha) so sometimes I don't know what day is it. I know it's still Thursday there but over here, it's already Friday, 11:18 a.m. Darn, days are confusing! Okay, I promise I will join Talkabout Thursdays next week. AND I will advertise this on my next post. This is actually a good idea.

But to answer the question, I haven't had any accomplishments this year, so far. I've been on the same job for 4 years. If I get a new job this year, that would be considered an accomplishment.

Meg said...

Hey Sami,

I was dead for almost the entire last week so missed checking all my frnds amazing blogs. Well as I am back now I would love to be a part of Talkabout Thursday. As I have missed ur first thi=ursday question, I would just answer it her.
My biggest accompolishment so far is keeping my blog alive. I am doing that religiously and jus loving it. Hope i keep up the work