Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Handwriting meme.

So I saw this fun meme on a few blogs recently, and I decided I wanted to play! :)

Write down the following, take a photo of it, and post it - The Handwriting Meme!

1. Name & blog name
2. Right handed, left handed or both
3. Favorite letters to write
4. Least favorite letters to write
5. Write 'The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.'
6. Write the following words in all caps.
7. Favorite song lyrics
8. A special note or drawing


Ugh, thank goodness I don't have to write out all my posts... kinda tedious! ;)

In other news, in case you haven't visited lately, I finally have a layout that I love and am happy with here! Woohoo! I'm also going to be replying to comments via email now, so if you use Blogger make sure your 'show email' option is checked under your settings tab so it'll be able to get to you.

That's all for today! Matt is out of town for the WWW2010 conference in Raleigh for a few days, so I'm going to spruce up the house before we have guests this weekend. Yay for prettifying stuff! :)


Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

I am TOTALLY stealing this from you! So much fun and I really like your handwriting. I'm kind of scared to show my handwriting to everyone, it's kind of sloppy!

Gnetch said...

I've always been jealous of people who can write in cursive letters. Like you. How come I can't do that? I'll show you. ;)

Michelle said...

You have very nice handwriting, and I agree that your letter A is very nice! This is my first time here, so I don't know what your previous blog layouts looked like, but I do like this one!

As for comments - I don't currently have my email address listed on my blog, but if your looking to interact with your readers, have you thought about installing a 3 party comment form? I use Intense Debate, but others have used Disques. They are very helpful when you want to reply to a comment!

Cara said...

Oh yaaaaay for sprucing up the house! Have fun and bring in that sunshine and summery spirit! Love your handwriting, it's soo girly and fun! xoxox

Standy said...

You still use so many smileys! Hahahaha. Awesome =)

Wild and Precious said...

too cute.

love your layout. way to go!

p.s. I have vintage glam giveaway I think you might like! www.wild-and-precious.com

Gabby said...

Love the handwriting! I can try and make mine nice, but .....

And your new layout is very cute. Which reminds me: I need a new header and color scheme for mine.

Oh, and I don't know if my email thingy is right. Guess we'll see! ^_^

Jenny said...

What a fun meme idea. Your handwriting is cool.