Friday, July 17, 2009

Day 7 of 16 - Hot Hot Hot!

Yeah! Almost at the halfway point! Yesterday I suffered a big bout of "unemployed boredom"... I'd Googled everything I could Google, I baked cookies, cleaned the bathroom, did the laundry, I didn't want to play any video games or watch any TV... booooo! Hissssss. Luckily Matt got me up and playing some Wii tennis with him, and not only did I feel better afterwards, but I have a sore "tennis arm" to show for it today!

My mission today -- okay, and this is kind of sad -- is to drive around to different grocery stores and look for this one frozen pre-bagged stir fry I really like. I know, okay, that is like the lamest thing ever. But Harris Teeter doesn't carry them, and they come with this awesome sauce packet so ninnies like me aren't left adding soy sauce and sweet & sour sauce blindly. (I had no teriyaki marinade, aaahh...) So today, Food Lion and Lowes Foods it is!

But also, we are dealing with an issue today! Hence my blog title...

All right, so I'm overreacting a -little-... but our AC is out!! Last night we are sitting around with the AC on and realizing, hey, it's making the AC noise, but it's still kinda toasty in here. We go to bed, realize more of the same. I have a crappy night of tossing and turning and waking up sweating (ewwww), and upon waking up this morning, find the AC is still out! We've got a call in to maintenance, so in the meantime we're all (self, the boy, and the cats) crowded under the ceiling fan in the living room. I went to take a shower and when I was done it felt like I was stepping out into the Amazon, only minus the spider monkey shrieking. Uggghhhhh.

Happy Friday from Buster Poindexter, that guy that sang the HOT HOT HOT song!


JennyMac said...

Ok..that forecast cracked me up. And maybe you can loiter in the freezer sections to cool off.

The Caped Tirader said...

Being sweaty as you're drying yourself off from the shower sux! Though I suppose it would suck more if you were attacked by a spider monkey when stepping out of the shower. Either way, I'd feel like I needed to shower again. :) Good luck on your hunt

Susan said...

I hope the shopping malls were cooler for you -- a little reprive!
WOW! Talk about HOT! I can visualize you standing under the ceiling fan trying to stay cool. It made me giggle thinking about it. Not very nice on my part but the visual reminded me when our AC went *poof*
I truly hope your AC recovers soon so you can get a good nights sleep. I'm sending some cool northern air your way!
Thank you for visiting my blog. What a lovely surprise!