Sunday, July 26, 2009

Day 16 of 16 - Anonymoose

New job tomorrow! Aaaahh!! I am excited and nervous all at the same time; I hate first days of anything, I wish they would just be over with. I think it's more the anticipation than anything else, really. But I have a permanent job in a town I love, so hey, it works. :)

Which kinda somewhat brings me to my next topic.

Anonymity while blogging!

For some people, it's an easy choice, one of two -- A. your blog is 100% anonymous. You post under a name/nickname that is not your own, and even though you may post snippets about everyday life, you post little to no giveaway details about your personal life for whatever reasons that you may have. Or, B. your blog is not anonymous in the least. Every detail about things you do, places you've been, where you live, the people in your life, your past, what's bothering/troubling you at the moment, photos, yadda yadda.

For others, and I think I would fall into this category, it's a fine line of what exactly you want to keep out of the "limelight". (Bloglight?) My real name isn't Sami, but it is a nickname of mine. I post about a lot of things, usually mundane stuff, and I like to think I'm pretty open for just being Random Chick #42 on the internet. But there's still a lot I keep behind the curtain -- for example, I have some pretty serious things going on in my life right now that I'm trying to deal with, that would never touch this page because it's rather personal. And that's it for me -- personal problems, personal issues that are not only heavy business but kind of unsavory in a way, that even though I don't really know people (like BFF), this doesn't need to be out in the open. And I think a closeness factor has to do with it, also. The less you really connect with people and know them, the more you'd tend to keep them at an arms length to protect your vulnerability on certain issues.

I guess I ask this question because, for many many moons before I hit blogger, I was on LiveJournal for a looong time. Everyone knew who everyone was over there, there wasn't such a population of 'anonymous' bloggers! (I guess, I mean to say, the majority of people that I had on my friends list, I knew who they were. I can think of maybe 1 or 2 that were the anonymous kind.) So I'm just really used to one type of blogger/journaller - the one I know! I've seen a lot more anonymity in the blogger-world, and I'm curious.

Am I making sense? I'd love to hear other people's thoughts on this.

Is your blog anonymous? If so, why? Are you looking to shield yourself from something, or someone? Would you be embarassed or upset if someone read your blog that you didn't want to?

Is your blog personal? How personal do you really feel you get? Are you afraid of being too vulnerable and out in the open on the internet with people you don't know extremely well?

Why do you feel the way you do?

I'm not looking to condone anyone here at all -- I heart you all equally! People should feel comfortable to write about anything they want, as whomever they choose! I'm happy to have met all of my blog-friends, regardless of how the hell you choose to do it. You all rock, so keep on keepin' on.

Long post is long! I'm done now!!


Valerie said...

My blog is (obviously) not anonymous. This is because my eventual goal is to use my blog to promote my beads and jewelry (whenever I get my etsy store up). I try to keep anyone else I talk about anonymous, but if you know me personally you'll know who I'm talking about. I definitely sensor myself more than if I was anonymous because I want to kind of walk that professional/personal line. Sometimes I think I may go a little overboard with the personal, and I am a little jealous of the anonymous bloggers because sometimes it would be more fun to be my sometimes-raunchy self.

ladytruth said...

I like to read your blog and that's why I'll be honest with you on this one.

I guess I'm in the anonymous section. Why? Because it makes me feel safer in a sense. I share quite a bit of personal things on my blog though because by telling people (some of them still strangers) and letting it out, I feel lighter afterwards.

It's like someone reading your secret and knowing a piece of you that your "real life" friends don't necessarily do.

Sometimes I feel like I can be more "me" on my blog because of all the personal information I share. My readers' comments give me perspective on what I write and that's why I treasure and follow them. They don't condone of judge me at all, because that's just the type of community this is.

Words on "paper" are patient; it's like therapy ;)

Would I be upset if an unwanted "someone: read my blog? Probably, but it might just help them to understand me better.

Hope that answered some of your questions :)

noelle said...

I am too an anonymous blogger - but for a few good reasons. The biggest reason (and probably the most boring) is because of the line of work I am in... I have a job where my background can be checked quite frequently and the content I write, while very unlikely, could compromise my the future of my career. I do post as much detail as possible to connect with the readers, without giving my name away.

For a much more superficial reason, I do like to remain anonymous for the occasional rant I might have that is more easily typed or directed at that subject. I loathe confrontation, and anonymous blogging is the perfect antidote. :)

Good question, Sami! I really like your reading your blog - you definitely write posts of intellectual substance versus some of the blogs who focus an entire post about a cute apron they saw on etsy or pair of shoes (ok, my bitchy side emerges).


Gina said...

I am not an anonymous blogger, but I do tread carefully in my writing. I do not post things that are vulgar, obscene, too personal, irrational, or moody. I do my best to keep a calm or positive demeanor, just in case employers happen upon my blog.

Gabby said...

When I started my first blog almost 9 years ago, it started out silly and superficial about random stuff. I only had a handful of readers. Then I decided that I wanted it to be more like a journal for me (because I'm horrible about keeping one IRL) to keep track of things in my life. But shortly after I got engaged, I started receiving some very negative and nasty anonymous comments about some of the things going on in my life, and about some of the choices I have made -- all of which I blogged about. I am fairly certain I know who it was (possible multiples). So, I decided to start another blog (and put my domain behind me), while not necessarily anonymous, definitely more on the superficial, with just crafty things and talking about books and movies and the occasional somewhat personal item. I figure if I ever get found out again by those nasty people, then they won't really have much to comment about (unless they get their kicks from calling my crafty stuff ugly, but then I know who they are and they don't/can't do it, so I'd let it roll off my back).

I think we all have very personal things we don't share, and I wonder if I did share my thoughts and feelings, if they would get taken the wrong way. When I used to chat and RP all the time back in the day, and when I would meet people IRL, they would tell me that I'm a lot like I come across. I don't know how true that is anymore.

But I hope you know that there are many of us out there that consider you a friend and if we could do more than just a friendly emoticon or heartfelt email, then we would. *hugs* ^_^

SquirrelQueen said...

Not really all that anonymous, I sign with my real first name sometimes. My email address is posted and twitter also gives my name (I think, I can't remember if I changed it).

Anyhow, my screen persona is like an alter ego and it just fun that way. No deep dark secrets or hidden life, it's all in fun.


Proud Maisie said...

My blog was anonymous, and is now partially anonymous!
The decision to hide the identity was because I needed an outlet to splurge the little disasters that occur in my life, and usually those disasters are helped along by other people. So I had a nickname (still do) and changed the names of all who appear. Now, I knew that the events in my life are distinct enough that it was becoming obvious who I was, but writing helps me so much, I wasn't prepared to stop.
It has been seen by two prominent people. And actually, because I am so honest in my writing, no trouble was caused. However, it has meant that I now have to work hard to be as honest with my words, as I know they may be seen.

Anyone who has read me will know that my blog is pretty damn personal, and I am not ashamed! :-)

miss*H said...

mine started off being annonymous but then as I started to use my blog as an outlet to talk about persoal things and whatever I felt like so decided, what the hell. If people don't like what I write they don't have to read it. I'm not ashamed for anyone to know it's me...if anything it might give some of my friends more of an insight into the way my mind works and why I am who I am. However none of my real-life friends know I blog and neither do any them themselves and I don't mention my full name or my friends names (although I do post pictures and that links to my flickr account) so it would be quite hard for someone who knows me personally to stumble across it. I do however make a point of not mentioning the company I work for or friends names (i use alias). So in a way I guess its half annonymous, half not

Susan said...

I'm not an anonymous blogger but I do keep a few personal things private.

Many of my siblings are in the police force and I wouldn't want to cause them any grief by what I write although I probably already have. Hehehe

I've also been taught, 'Never put anything in writing that you wouldn't want the world to see." A blog is seen worldwide so I best stick with the above quote. :))

I hope your first day at work went well. I'm looking forward to hearing about it!

Shaylen Maxwell said...

Love this! Yes, it really is a fine line we walk blogging. I blog under my pen name, however I legally changed my birth name to my pen name, effectively kissing goodbye total anonymity in a sense. But I think I'm all together too private to disclose everything. I am selectively verbose about what I want, and keep the rest under wraps.

Also, Sami is such great nickname. : )

Miss Contemptuous said...

I am the latter. I write another blog where my real name, picture, and email are posted. I still keep that blog, but I found it frusterating not being able to write about things that may put me in a not-so-nice-light, so I started this blog as stress relief.

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