Monday, November 23, 2009


TA-DAAAA!!! I'm back, up and running with internet at the new and VERY AWESOME house!! We are all moved in (mostly; save for a few boxes of stuff hanging around) and couldn't be happier!! :D The move went smoothly, the cats are mostly adjusted, and all is well. Now if only Finnegan would stop meowing over and over at night... boy, you know where you are! ARGH!

I'm going to try valiantly to catch up with my Google Reader, but I don't know how successful I'll be... wish me luck! ;)

Tonight Mr. Cats and I went to buy our Turkey Day dinner - turkey, stuffing, a nice bottle of red wine, etc. etc. We are going to make yummy muffins that morning for breakfast, watch the Macy's Day parade (and the dog show afterwards!), all while cooking some yummy food... then... EAT!!! And finish off the day with Peanuts Thanksgiving on TV. :) We're very excited to have our first Thanksgiving together in our cozy new home!!

I'm reading a book lately that is really thought-provoking and puts a lot of things into perspective... it's called Nickel and Dimed and it's about this journalist that goes out into three areas of the US and tries to get by for a month, by herself and on her own, on minimum wage. Granted it was written in the early 2000's so it's a little outdated, but it still is an amazingly eye-opening read, especially with the economy the way it is today. I'm glad to read this book around Thanksgiving, because it really does make me thankful for what I do have -- a lovely home, an amazing boyfriend, a loving mom, two great cats, even my half job... we have food on the table every night, a warm place to sleep, and more than enough to make me happy. :) There are so many out there that are just barely making it by... this is a great book and I'd recommend it to anyone that's interested in just how rough it can get, or just to put things into perspective. Enjoy what you have! Be thankful! And, to end off on one of my favorite quotes...

"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle." --Plato

Let's all engage in some random acts of kindness this week for Thanksgiving!! :D


Jessica Eiden Smedley said...

Love the Plato quote.

Congrats on the new home.

Amanda said...

Someone gave me that book when I was in high school, and then when I was a junior in college I had to read it for a class. It WAS pretty good, from what I remember.

nando.gino said...

what a great quote, I immediately post this quote to my twitter. LOL.

Anyway, congrats for ur new home, and by seeing what u said to this book, i think i have to buy this for me too..

lifelove'n'wine said...

Congrats on the new home.

I read that book my freshman year of college for a class. It was thought provoking, but I don't think that she is able to really get the truth across about living on minimum wage. She knows that she is only in that situation for a set amount of time and that she'll have her nice life and job as a journalist back when she's ready. Most people in that position feel a hopelessness that she could never grasp. Still a decent read though.

Also, sounds like you have a lovely Thanksgiving coming up! Enjoy!

Smileyfreak said...

Congrats on the new house :) You must feel so relieved to finally be in it! Have a brilliant Thanksgiving,I'm sure it'll be a hundred,no a thousand times better because of the new house!! :)

Gabby said...

Sami, congrats on the house! I think we do so often forget how nice we have it -- even if we don't have the biggest house, or fanciest car, or designer clothes, that some people have. But everyone has their struggles.

Sounds like you have a lovely Thanksgiving planned, and I wish you a great one! *hugs to you and the kitties*

Luna said...

glad everything is going good.

Laura M said...

Glad you had a safe and smooth move! I've heard of many people reading that book, and it is on my to-read list. Have a great Thanksgiving!