Sunday, August 29, 2010


Hey blog-friends.

I don't think I'm going to be consistently blogging for much longer.

There, I came right out and said it. Also I figure people already have an idea, as I've been a serious slacker lately. Ever since my new job started I've been so so busy, and sometimes tired, but mostly a lot of my free time has been eaten up. I don't know how full-time job folk can blog daily, or even every two or three days! It was so much easier for me when I was part-time, or "fun"employed. (Hah!) I had time to sit down and plan out posts and make them worthwhile, not just rushed and obligatory. That, and I'm finding myself spending less and less time on the internet lately. (Point proven, I'm typing this from my phone on the way to brunch.)

I guess long story short, blogging is more of a chore to me lately than an enjoyment, and it just shouldn't be that way. :(

So I'm backing away, possibly permanently, possibly not. I may still post some photos once in a while, or pop in to say hi, but I certainly won't be a power-poster.

I've made some amazing friends here, and I'll continue to pop over to your blogs and comment!! :) You all are fantastic.

Be happy, everyday. Nothing is more important. <3

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Susan said...

I've come back just in time to wish you all the best. I totally understand how our 3D world can become overwhelming. If you can, please drop in every now and again to let us know how life's treating you. Take good care of yourself and all the best!