Friday, August 6, 2010

Emergency room etiquette.

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So it looks like I started to write a blog post yesterday, got three sentences in, and left it unfinished on my laptop before going to do something else. .... Oops? Yeah, that's been my week. I feel awful for my lack of posting but I've just been so busy, and I'm still getting used to my schedule so when I'm home in the evenings I'm usually pretty drowsy anyway.


I have the day off today though, because last night I trained on the emergency shift. I worked until midnight and before I even left the building to come home? I knew I was going to make this post.

Emergency etiquette.

A lot of people get freaked out when their pet has an emergency, and that's normal. Unfortunately, a lot of people's common sense also shuts off. If your pet has an emergency, here's a handy list of do's and dont's (mostly dont's) compiled by yours truly!

DON'T call us and ask us if you should bring your animal in. Seriously. The majority of the calls I got last night were, "Hi, I have an insert animal here and he is doing insert random behavior here; should I bring him in?"

This is where the common sense thing comes in.

If a scab fell off your dog's booty two weeks after he'd been neutered, and there's a little bit of dried blood? Nope, don't need to worry about that.

If your little dog ran headfirst into a minifridge and got some yogurt in his eyes? Nope, don't need to see that.

If your cat's looking at you strange from across the room but displaying no other bizarre symptoms? Hmm, likely not. He may smother you in your sleep, though.

If your dog's been having seizures for the past hour and is frothing like the whip machine at Starbucks? Yep, we should likely take a look at that.

(Those are all calls I actually received, mind you.)

I know a lot of pet owners aren't really versed in the medical-icity (I made that up) of pets, but honestly? Think about if you had a scab that fell off, or if you got yogurt in your eyes. Would you go to the ER? However, if you were becoming the whip cream machine, you should pronto. :)

DON'T call us every 20 minutes with a status update on your pet, and ask if you should being him in.

Because honestly? We really can't make that decision for you. You're the pets owner and if it would give you peace of mind for a doctor to take a look at them, then by all means, that's why we're here. I can't hand-hold you over the phone 5 times an hour when we have real emergencies rushing in here that need to be taken care of.

DON'T sign the form that states our exam price, as well as the fact that you will pay for all treatment at time of discharge, then come to us after your pet's treated and say you have no money.

Because we will get collections on you. I know you may or may not be hysterical, but it's in bold print. And really? Ain't nothing free!

DON'T come out of an exam room and get cranky 5 minutes later when your medications aren't ready. Have you ever been to the human ER? Kinda like that, but on a lesser scale. We treated your dog for an emergency and are getting your things together as quick as we can with all the other emergencies going on in the building; please be courteous and respectful of that.

DO call ahead to let us know you're coming if you have a severe case. We like to be ready for the owner that rushes in the door with the kitty that isn't breathing well, so we can make him feel better ASAP.

DON'T bring the snake that bit your dog into the lobby, alive and in a bucket. We don't need any more emergencies if Salazar there decides to go all freakshow on us. Feel free if it's dead so we can ID it. But otherwise leave it home.

DO be calm. Emergency staffs are trained for just this kind of stuff, so once your pet is with them sit down, try to relax, and watch a little TV. Use some tissues, go wash your face, grab a soda from the machine. I'll even let you change the TV channel if you ask nice. :) Howling hysterically in the lobby isn't helping anyone, especially when we can't hear who's on the other end of the phone because you're a sobbing mess. Yeah, it can be very scary but it's out of your hands now, so take a few deep breaths and wait to see what happens.

Okay! That's all. :) I actually had a lot of fun last night doing something different, even though I started to get a little drowsy towards the end... Zzz...

Our weather here has still been pretty hot -- how is everyone else's?? I'm kinda ready for fall to be honest! Getting in the mood for apple cider and fuzzy socks and pretty colored leaves... ;)

But until then, I'll go to the beach as much as I can on my long weekend!

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