Friday, January 29, 2010

I return!

Hi all! I'm baaaaaa~ck!! :)

... Roll out the red carpet... get the trumpets out... toast with champagne... okay okay, so I was only gone a few weeks, skip all of that noise!
(but please keep the champagne.. hee hee..)

Anyways, fanfare aside, it's good to be back. But it was even better to take a break! I really needed it - post-holiday blues, combined with part-time job blues and oh!, I have a strange lump in my breast blues were just really weighing on me. But good news, as my part-time job is keeping us going just fine for now (and I really do have the best boyfriend in the world!), and the lump? Just a fibrous mass and nothing to worry about. YAHOO!! You cannot imagine my relief!! (Or maybe you can...!)

So now that all that hoopla is out of the way .... since I'm part-time now, I have Fridays off. This would be great in warmer weather, but it's sometimes just another day to stay inside because it's too cold out to go anywhere! So today, I made the best of things and made it a movie day. :) One of the movies I watched....?


I had never seen it before! And I don't want to spoil it for anyone else who hasn't seen it, but I really liked it, even though it got kinda heavy at some points. It was a wonderful story and it really got me thinking... would I like it better to live in a world full of advanced technology (like the Axiom, but WITHOUT all of the floating chairs... uhm... I'd like to continue using my own body thanks!) or a world back in the day (like Wall-E's Hello Dolly film) where times were just simpler. On the one hand, we've made so many leaps and bounds with technology that I can hardly envision living without it -- cell phones and the internet, we can buy things, talk to people, and see photos and videos from all across the globe, and it's made the world such a smaller place -- but on the other hand, back at the beginning of the century, it seems people just had so much less to worry about... people these days are so stressed out... with the economy and money and their health and everything... even though people back then had things to deal with too, it seemed it was just a happier time with much less stress.

I'm not sure what my choice would be!! What about you?

Hope y'all have a great Friday! :) And to anyone caught up in that midwestern snow/ice insanity... stay safe!!!


xoxoKrysten said...

I always feel like I'm someone who would be better off at the BEGINNING of the century rather than right now. Although I do love technology I sometimes feel as if it can make a mess of things.

Jessica Eiden Smedley said...

Welcomed back. Glad to hear your boob is ok.

Dyinetch said...

I think I'll have to choose right now. Because now, it's easier to connect and share your thoughts with other people. Like this! ;D

Lan Nguyen said...

Welcome back! Glad nothing was wrong. I adored Wall-E. I'm kind of gal with a love for things old fashioned, so a large part of me thinks it's be better to go back to the beginning of the century or an earlier time without all the technology. Then again things weren't always "simpler." Maybe we wouldn't have to worry about technology, but we'd still be worrying about getting decent wages and social rights. Technology when it's not being a pain in the butt is great for helping to connect more people to one another.

Gabby said...

*hugs* Yay for being back.

I love some modern conveniences, but I think a slightly simpler time would be nice. I really do cringe when I see people on their mobile phones, everywhere! Get off and interact with the world around you! Somehow we managed without them for awhile, right? AND YET, I would now love a Smartphone. LOL. Because it seems cool.