Saturday, January 9, 2010

A little plug.

Hey all,

I'm going to make a quick plug for a friend of mine, Anne. She just started her very first blog -- as a New Years resolution, even!! -- and she just joined 20SB but I figured I'd link to it here to get her some more views! :) It's called The Happiest Things and, while it isn't nearly as verbose as other blogs, the message it aims to get across speaks volumes. I'm following her with my Google Reader and it's great to get a little gem of optimism in my reader every day! So please give her a visit and show a new blogging girlie some love! :D

We have been SO BUSY today! I bought a new curtain valance for over our sink and it's just charming. :)


Amanda said...

oh, how funny! I just popped over to her blog from 20sb today, loved the concept :)

FRANNIE said...

I'm going to check her out now.

Her blog, I mean. You know what I mean :).

Krysten Hartenstein said...

Heading over to visit right now!

Anonymous said...

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