Monday, February 1, 2010

V-Day on a Budget, Right Here!

So it's less than two weeks away from the holiday of hearts, Valentine's Day! Some people aren't into this holiday ("it's sooooo commercial, blah blah card companies just want our money", well it's only as commercial as you make it! baha! so there! *heehee*) but if you are a total fan (like me!) and if you're on a budget (again like me!) there's still lots of ways to enjoy the holiday. :) I decided to make up a little list and post it here for others who are in the same boat!

(my favorite ones are the yellow ones!)

  • Let's admit it, this holiday has some pretty great tasty stuff. Candy hearts at the top of the list, cinnamon hearts, marshmallow peeps (yeah, they have those on other holidays, but they are one of my faves!) A favorite candy or candy bar is a sweet gift!
  • Even better IMO, make your own delish treats! I made some amazing chocolate truffles a few years ago - it was easy and cheap with only 4 ingredients, the majority of which I already had at home. And they were SO yummy! Candies, cookies, little cakes... yum, yes please! There are recipes all over the internet, so check it out!


  • Yeah, love notes are a little sappy, especially if one or both of you aren't the romantic type. In lieu of the smoochiness, maybe make a cute list of 10 or 20 things that you love about your SO, little things they do that make you all fuzzy inside!
  • Make your own card! If you're anything like me, you've got some spare scrapbooking paper laying around. Have at it! You can even tuck that awesome list right inside your fab card. Double whammy! ;)


  • I did this one year and it went over FABULOUSLY well!! You can purchase these online and fill in your own stuff (or even find some free ones to print out!), but that can be costly and as I am a crafty dame, I found making my own was much more fun and personal. :) Feel free to make them as PG (good for one car washing, will cook you one dinner of your choice) or as naughty (good for one shower together, good for one blanking of my blank with your blank ;) ) as you like. A combination of both is always nice too.
  • A nice lasting twist on this is to create 52 IOU cards and have your SO pick one out of a cool little bag or box (Yay Michaels run!) each week for a year.


  • Sit down together and plan out a meal to make together. Bonus points if it's something new you've never tried before! I love cooking together; we have a blast in the kitchen and generally make an awesome meal while doing the teamwork thing. :) So light some candles, put on some Sinatra, and get in the kitchen!
  • I love the idea of a picnic, but it's usually a crummy time of year for that. Be creative; find a cozy little corner or nook in your house or apartment, set down an adorable gingham blanket, and fill a basket with sandwiches, snacks, and some bottled water (or fizzy adult beverages) and enjoy each other's company.


  • I've never met a guy that didn't like a massage. (Oh wait... I did... that didn't last long.) I did this one a little while ago too, and massages are ALWAYS a big hit in this household! In fact, it was so awesome, we're doing it again this year! You can go as simple or all-out as you want, but Bed Bath and Beyond usually has a few selections of budget-friendly scented massage oils. I love that place! ;) Light some scented candles, pop in an Air CD, and get some sexy relaxation on!

Okay, that's all I've got! If you've got any suggestions, leave 'em here in a comment, I'd love to hear them!! :D Hope you enjoyed my little write-up of budgety fun stuff to do for (or to!... *heehee* ;) ) the one you heart this year!


Dyinetch said...

I'm not a big fan of this day. *sobbing quietly* but I would love to receive some really big dark chocolates. It's bad for me but hey, what's one day, right? Hahaha!

And your ideas are really cool. ;D

xoxoKrysten said...

I'm just starting to work out what we're doing for V-Day - I'm thinking cooking a big breakfast, camping out in our living room and watching our favorite movies. Easy, fun and things we both like to do.

Jessica Eiden Smedley said...

I'm not anti-Valentine's Day, but just don't care; like the hype associated with New Years.

Look for my annual posting of a persecuted Catholic Priest on V-Day (I bet you can feel the romance oozing through the computer screen right now, yes?).

Luna said...

i love valentines day. my boyfriend isnt a big fan. he tells me he doesnt need a holiday to show me how he feels. which is true, he shows me all the time. but it would be nice to get flowers or something around that time. oh well. its ok. i usually get something or make us dinner or whetever so we still celebrate in some way and always have a good time.

as3ad said...

Nothing beats Japanese Valentine's Day...guys basically sit back while the gals buy or make them choclates. My mission is bring that tradition to the rest of the world ^_^

Gabby said...

But, in Japan, isn't their another day, where it's the guy's turn???

I love all those suggestions, Sami! Actually, one of the digiscrap sites I visit, she has coupons you can DL and customize (if you want) in her shoppe. Pretty cute!

I also like the one about cooking together. We have a steak sitting in the freezer that will be our V-Day meal.

And, while Valentine's CAN be commercial, I think that it's okay to have a day where you remember love. I mean, I celebrate Christmas, but for me, that doesn't mean that's the only time I think about Jesus. *shrug*

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