Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Maus

Oh look, it's a picture of my cat! Well, one of my cats. They both look startlingly like this that it's really hard for me to tell exactly which cat this is. But upon closer examination, it's Finnegan, my big 15 pound monster. Finny is a MASSIVE cat, but he's a lot like Ferdinand the Bull in that he'd rather be picking daisies than being a big mean bully. He's really scared of everything; every time the pizza man knocks, he runs and hides behind the bed. He's barely two but he's already had extensive patella & ACL surgery on his left leg, and has gone through a lot, and in doing so has a not completely functioning left leg. But you wouldn't know it by the way he torpedoes around the place! He really is the sweetest boy. <3

Oh look, it's Finn again! No wait, that's his sister Kerrigan, who looks a LOT like Finns but is a petite little 8 pound girly girl. She's very demanding, just like a good little girl, especially when she wants attention. She enjoys food she can't have, like milk and hamburgers, butting her head against the coffee table repeatedly, and sleeping direcdly against my leg at night so she can't move. Oh, and being very very adorable.

Thems are my cats, because I'm pretty worn out tonight, but wanted to blog something fun. What's funner than twin white cats with Irish names? ... Don't answer that!


Mr. Condescending said...

i LOVE cats! I cant stand it when people say how they think they are stupid. Cats are smarter than dogs, and cleaner. I love em!

SquirrelQueen said...

Cats are wonderful, I do love them.

Knight Writer said...

I love white kitties..except during sheding season :)

AD said...

awww that is the most cutest of em all!
i love the fact that they are smarter and more flexible than dogs are!

Sami said...

@ MrC - yeah, i would much rather have cats than dogs! they are extremely intelligent, and .... you don't have to take them out to pee. ( i think that speaks for their intelligence!)

@ SQ - they are my favorite pet! <3

@ KW - we have dark green couches/chairs and a black bedspread... with white cats... yes, we ARE crazy!! pledge makes an amazing fur-picker-upper tool now though :)

@ AD - they was VERY flexible, you should see these guys jump!! (even finny with his busted leg, yikes!)

clorivak said...

awwww....they are beautiful!! I also adore white cats...I have two b&w though...hey, i love em all...hehe.

thanks for the sweet and encouraging comments, made me happy! Have a Great Night!!! :0)