Tuesday, May 19, 2009

first post @ my new blog! woot!

wowie, the first post at my new blog. :) good stuff!

i used to have a LOT of blogs on blogger/blogspot, but that was a looong time ago. i feel bored with livejournal, and want to branch out more! so here i am.

i hope to post here more often, and with more interesting content. at least once a week! now that i have a fresh new blog-thing YEAH :D i want to be more up to date with my hobbies and cooking and exercise and stuff we do here in the wilm. so yeah! YEAH

i can change fonts on here i think! is this a new font now? it sure is. WAUW~

tonight matt & i went to the little dipper for dinner and had a havarti fondue cheese with dill and white wine. it was AMAZING. i heart me some fondue cheese!! i called him "a big fart" at the table because he forgot his wallet in the car (he ran back to get it), and the waiter-guy laughed. heehee :3

colours are cool. tomorrow i leave work early and we have to take kiki & finns to the vets for their yearly junk. THAT should be fun; i already got the carrier out and they sit there and stare at it like this O____O for a while. hmmmmmm...

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