Wednesday, May 20, 2009

hump day! ( who named that anyway... perverts )

happy wednesday! :)

matt & i took the kitties to the vet today for their yearly checkup... surprisingly neither one of them got wacked off their rockers and were very good in the car and in the office! poor finn gets so nervous though, so he just sort of lays in his banana-looking carrier with a "3:" face and his ears shake a little. kerri could care less!

came home, took a nice walk, and grilled up some honey-basil porkchops for dinner. YUM! healthy & tasty!

i can't remember if i mentioned it in the last entry, but we're going to check out the farmer's market this weekend, and pick up some yummy fresh veggies to make a nice salad with this memorial day weekend! i heart salad, especially with hard boiled eggs. and i REALLY like corn kernels in salad!! yum :3

hopefully the weather is nice so we can go to the BEACH, haven't been there in a few weekends now :D

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