Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Captain Rumbles

I was going to post about Ladderball and it's seemingly recent surge into popularity and about how I think it's a pretty retarded game, but I decided not to. ... Wait, I just did!

We have a neighbor that recently bought a motorcycle. It's very obvious by the bike he chose to buy that it was a very impulse, "WHOA BIKES RULE I GOTTA HAVE ONE" purchase... it's this little black dingy thing with no badge on it at all (Harley? Buell? Bueller?) that looks like it could have been a small roadster at once, but now just has the word SOUTHSIDE emblazoned in big grey capital Olde English-ey letters on the side of it.

I don't think Captain Rumbles (yeah, that's what we call him when we hear the bike backfire and start up ... "hack hack hack pff pff BRRRRRMMM... oh, Captain Rumbles is at it again..." ) realized how much of a fixer-upper it was when he bought it; all he really does is go outside, turn it on a few times a day, rev the hell out of it, look at it thoughtfully, turn it off, and come back upstairs. Sometimes he'll hop on it and take it around the circle here, but always comes back right away. There's something very obv. wrong with it, as it revs with the noisy fury of a bajillion angry metallic bumblebees dragging tin cans behind them. Dude doesn't know what is wrong, however, but seems to think turning it on, revving it thoughtfully a few noisy times, then turning it off will fix it.

Well it hasn't worked for the past week, and it isn't working any better now. Perhaps a trip to Ye Olde Bike Shop is in order?

It really is loud and unfortunate. I wonder if he'll just try and turn it for a profit or something. Lesson be learned, purchase carefully!

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Krysten said...

Ugh - we have quite a few people around here who seem to be just like your neighbor!