Monday, December 7, 2009

Oh hi!

Wow, I've been delightfully absent for a while now. Eek!

I've been doing a -lot- with the holidays here in full force, and I just can't get myself to sit down and think out a post. Isn't that lame?!

I've been thinking about this blog lately and what I want to do with it... I'm pretty sure that I will be getting this for Christmas:

And if that is true I see myself dropping this blog for a photography blog. I've got some really neat ideas in mind, one of them being a project of 52 weeks of creative self portraits (one a week) that I'd really like to hit the ground running on. :D I've already got some fab ideas, and have been perusing other like-blogs with the same idea! (It will have its own URL too, not hosted on blogspot.)

Would you follow a photography blog if I had one? Or should I stick with this?

I think my shots may just be more interesting than my current blog content... ;)


Jessica Eiden Smedley said...

I would totally dig a photography blog and it's a thought that I've kicked around myself.

Keep us posted.

SquirrelQueen said...

Why have just one blog, they are contagious you know! My main blog was suppose to be more for my writing so I created the photo blog. I got so into it that now both are mainly photos. You will find there are things that you want to post that might not fit with the photography.

That has got to be the cutest picture ever, the kitten and the chick are both adorable.

PS, In answer to your question, yes I would follow. Both!

Gabby said...

I think having more than one blog is fun.

I think I may try my hand at doing the 365 next year. Not that my life is that exciting, but ...

I won't probably post a photo every day on my blog, though, and just on Flickr, but then do a weekly roundup on my blog, in case no one's looking at my Flickr page.

nando.gino said...
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nando.gino said...

lol, i thought that you'll change this blog in to photography one, but thank God you'll make one for that.

Well, thats a great idea, and definitely I'll follow both. But pls, dont get into a so-so photography blog like others, put your unique idea, you have to.

nando.gino said...
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Mrs Soup said...

Oh, you are lucky! Someday...someday.

I would totally follow it!

O.F.C.J. said...

I hope you won't be dropping this one completely, as I do enjoy it. Nevertheless, you should do as you desire. And if I found the photography one interesting, yes, I would follow.